Community Matters: Why The Metaverse Startup Integrator Is The Place To Be

By Stan Peterson
April 21, 2022 Updated April 21, 2022
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More than a trite buzzword, “community” is at the heart of the metaverse. After all, the metaverse is intended to connect, rather than pit, people against each other. That’s why Limitless, the metaverse startup integrator, co-founded by Mike Vitez and David Taylor, is such an important player in the space.

As Vitez says, 

“this network will connect the community, service providers, idea makers, market, and money holders in one system. By doing this, we can create a brand new ecosystem in the web3 world.”

Limitless does more than provide a digital space for startups to set up shop. It also offers them much needed resources, like access to capital and marketing resources. Plus, it provides a true gateway to the metaverse through its relationship with Next Earth.

“If you’re a startup you will need these things: money, people and market,” Vitez explained. 

“We will be the umbrella organization that can provide all of these things because we are an ecosystem player.”

Taylor added that Limitless is in a unique position to help companies launch and scale quickly in the metaverse. 

“We’re not just a startup integrator though,” he said. 

“We’ll provide a true gateway to the metaverse through our relationship with Next Earth, where our companies can launch directly.”

In other words, if you’re looking to make a splash in the metaverse, Limitless is the place to be.

Collaboration, Not Competition

To better understand why community is so important, consider the idea of interoperability. There are many metaverse projects – Limitless alone plans to launch 300 different metaverse projects – but they can all be linked together, Vitez explained. 

“Metaverses are going to be the new kind of Internet because of their decentralized nature. There will be many metaverses that users can access and use interoperably.”

This is in contrast to the current state of the internet, which is dominated by a handful of companies. In the metaverse, however, anyone can build their own world.

“If we start from the assumption that metaverses are the new kind of Internet, we can see that there is a big need for a system like Limitless,” Vitez said. 

“We are still searching for use cases, partners, and products.”

In order to find those use cases, it’s important to have a strong community that can share ideas and resources. That’s what the Metaverse Startup integrator is all about.

The Power of Connection

When you connect people with each other and with resources, great things can happen. Just look at what’s happening in the world of web3.

“It needs a good idea and good people, money and market. This is what we can provide in one system,” Vitez said. 

“If we get service providers and a market, the community and also people outside the community who could join the community, and also if we put money into company creation, then we will have everything to catalyze and accelerate the whole ecosystem. Right now we don’t have the profiles of the companies yet.”

But with the metaverse startup integrator set to launch in a big way, that’s sure to change.

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