Corsair World DeFi: “We already gave first holders 700% in just One month”

By Stan Peterson
Published October 13, 2021 Updated 2 hours ago

Corsair World DeFi: “We already gave first holders 700% in just One month”

By Stan Peterson
Published October 13, 2021 Updated 2 hours ago

“What can bring us closer together than the same losses? It doesn’t matter if there are two of you or 2 billion. If you have been in the same pit, you will understand this person, even if you see him for the first time. If all financial structures and cryptocurrencies, among other things, talk about making money for everyone, we were the first to raise the issue of dealing with losses. After all, 99% of the holders of assets and tokens became victims of the so-called Whales. It was the fight against these Whales that allowed us to unite thousands of people in the Corsair World DeFi project in an extremely short time”

This is a short explanation of the incredible hype surrounding the Corsair project and its CASH token from co-founder Henry Every (most likely a pseudonym). We discussed in detail how the CASH token could become the most talked about project in September.

What is Corsair World DeFi? After all, you are not the first Pirates in the crypto industry.

“There are several projects with a similar name. They call themselves Pirates and offer anonymity to users. This is not bad, but also nothing new. The pirates are in name only. We are Corsairs at our core.

We do not hide our mercantile intentions, we do not try to present them under a different sauce, as others do. We have created our project and community for speculative earnings. Only here the main point is important! We make money not on small fish, but on big Whales. They use speculative instruments to take the latter from common traders, and we use our instruments to take a piece of the Whale’s pie. And our strategy is to ensure that every Corsair member earns. We pour more than half of our earnings from trading into the liquidity pools of the CASH token.”

How will Corsair World DeFi benefit everyone? How do you allow you to make money on your project?

“The Corsair World project is not a technology that will make the world a better place! This is an assault ship that gathers like-minded people who want to profit from the big Whales. And the CASH token is our harpoon with which we catch and attract profits. Very soon, when our holds are filled with gold, we will create our own crypto-republic, DEX CorsairSwap. Then hundreds of other projects will bring us their money so that we will allow them to trade on our lands.

In just a month, we have gathered an army of tens of thousands of fans. And all because we are already giving our holders the opportunity to passively earn on the CASH token.

Every Corsair DeFi holder gets a 77% stake before launching on the first exchange;

Growth of the CASH token 700%, and then even more;

Airdrops and raffles of large amounts between all holders of the CASH token;

We are launching a digital treasure hunt, much like the Cicada3301, only for real rewards;

Each $777+ investor gains access to a closed channel where our traders publish movement signals for the huge assets of the Whales and together we empty their stocks.

But notice that we haven’t done anything big yet. We only have smart contract technology and information platforms ready. Imagine what will happen when we appear on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko, list on several medium and large exchanges, and also launch our own DEX Corsair exchange! Next year we plan to move Dogecoin from the 10th position of Coinmarketcap.”

Who helps you develop and promote your project?

“The idea and basic details of the whole project belong to us – there are 7 founders at the core of the project. The corsair was born back in 2017, but then he was just preparing to become what he is now. Over the years, our team has been developing a strategy and building muscle, including financially, so as not to depend on any investors and sponsors. This is why you can see such a big buzz around the Corsair World project. All these are just the first results of 4 years of incredibly difficult work.

There are about 30 professional traders in our team at the second level. And also several hundred trading bots, which we personally configured for our Whale detection strategy.

We have entrusted the development of technology and marketing promotion to companies that we have checked for a long time and, in the end, we can trust them completely…”

How to make the most of the CASH token?

“In late August, Corsair launched a private sale of CASH tokens. Now the closest participants are recruited into the project, for whom special conditions will open from the very beginning. You can be part of the crew and part of the Corsair ship at the lowest price during pre-sale – 8 cents ($0.08) per 1 CASH. Also, the first of the first will receive an additional opportunity – to earn on CASH token staking even before entering the first exchange. The minimum cost for a front row ticket is $77. A maximum of one hand can dispense CASH of up to $7,777. The starting price on the first exchange starts at $0.1”


The Corsair World DeFi project is currently undergoing a closed token sale stage. According to the founder of the project, Henry Avery, this is a deliberate decision, because unlike the usual PreSale, in this case Corsair can suddenly list on the exchange and start public trading, which can cause an incredible increase in the price of 1000x.

The Corsairs pursue their pirate idea everywhere. Even their tokenomics are backed up by the support of Lucky Sevens:




Token Type: Binance Smart Chain

Total Supply: 777,777,777

Price: 1 CASH = 0.08 USDT

Soft CAP: $7,777,777

Hard CAP: $17,777,777

You can buy a CASH token on the official Corsair World website:

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