Craig Wright May Never Be Seen Or Revered As Satoshi. Here’s why?

By Dare Shonubi
Published August 18, 2019 Updated August 18, 2019
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Craig Wright

Craig Wright May Never Be Seen Or Revered As Satoshi. Here’s why?

By Dare Shonubi
Published August 18, 2019 Updated August 18, 2019

Popularly Known self-acclaimed Satoshi  Nakamoto and creator of Bitcoin Cash fork Bitcoin SV, Craig Wright, has attracted the attention of the mainstream media in recent times. While he must have spotted limelight for a couple of reasons like inventing Bitcoin Cash fork SV, the most important attraction to his name sprang to life as a result of his claims of being the creator of bitcoin.

Craig Wright, whom, at the moment, many blockchain community members see as a possible anonymous Satoshi due to his constant claims of creating bitcoin has taken every possible advantage and opportunities to retain these claims and even revealed that some hundreds of thousands of “virgin” (never moved before) bitcoins belonging to him are still locked up within the bitcoin blockchain, a set of coins to which he claimed he would have access to in 2020.

Fraud And Deceit Are Becoming Synonymous With Craig Wright

Amid all these recognition struggles, Craig Wright is beginning to lose face within the crypto space and many now see him as a pretender or a fraudster in worst cases. In an ongoing lawsuit against him which involves the misappropriation of around a million bitcoins, Craig Wright was denied the motion to dismiss the case due to irregularities and lack of credibility on his part.

A 2018 case in which one of Craig’s late business partner’s brother filed a lawsuit against Craig for reasons of misplacing about 1 million bitcoins, US District Court Judge Beth Bloom, upon Craig’s claim that the court didn’t possess jurisdiction over the case, said,

“the Court simply does not find the Defendant’s testimony to be credible.” “numerous conflicting statements are the very reason confusion has been created … the Court should nonetheless use these statements as a basis to challenge the Court’s subject matter jurisdiction.”

As the Judge dismissed several of Craig’s claims, she, at a point in time made reference to an 18th-century quote by Walter Scott;

“Oh! What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!”

As many come to disbelieve Craig’s claims of being Satoshi, community members are responding in a converging pattern of ways. A recent Twitter discussion involving some popular bitcoin influencers, many responses had been to insinuate that Craig was a fraudster.

According to Twitter user Peter McCormack,

Had an interesting interaction with a 49-year-old today. He refused to sign with his private keys, yet insisted he is Satoshi. #CraigWrightIsAFraud.


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