“I was ashamed of my Invention” Testifies Self-Proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto in Court

Nivesh Rustgi Bitcoin News published June 29, 2019 | modified June 29, 2019

Craig Wright

“I was ashamed of my Invention” Testifies Self-Proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto in Court

Bitcoin proponents have always praised the anonymity of Bitcoin’s creator as a critical point for its success. Nevertheless, over the years many people have come forward claiming they’re Satoshi for personal gains.

However, no one has been as persistent as Craig Satoshi even after facing massive criticism and being involved in numerous legal cases for the same issue. In some legal matters, he is the plaintiff or the complainant, and in others, he is the defendant.

Carolina Bolado, Katie Ananina, and crypto educator who goes by the pen name 22nd Century Crypto Guy were present at the hearing and provided factual updates.

Case No.  9:18-cv-80176, in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida

The particular case that was being heard earlier in court involves Craig as a defendant. The lawsuit has been filed by the brother of the victim, Dave Kleiman. Ira Kleiman, the brother, has accused Satoshi of stealing Bitcoins worth $10 billion from his deceased brother. The point of interest here is that the case rests on the assumption that both Dave Kleiman and Craig Satoshi invented Bitcoin. 

Judge Reinhart is presiding over the case.

Ira Kleiman is represented by Velvel (Devin) Freedman, Kyle W. Roche and Stephen N. Zack of Boies Schiller Flexner LLP.

Wright is represented by Andres Rivero, Amanda McGovern, Zaharah Markoe, Alan H. Rolnick, Bryan Lee Paschal and Schneur Zalman Kass of Rivero Mestre LLP.

According to the plaintiff’s brother, Dave Kleiman died in 2013 post which Craig has stolen the Bitcoins that belonged to Kleiman for his share. Moreover, Craig also seeks to reap all benefits for the intellectual property of something they produced together.

Highlights from the Hearing

Reportedly, while Craig was unable to produce any proof of his claims, there was a lot of drama in the court from crying to throwing documents in open court. According to a snippet from this deposition at the stand, he testified that he is indeed Satoshi. Katie tweeted,

Nevertheless, the Crypto Guy noted that everything aside the facts of the case revealed today suggests that Craig actually might have some involvement in the early phases of Bitcoin. Moreover, apart from stories, there is no other comprehensive proof for it. He said,

“Somethings just can’t be done unless he is deep into the mix”

The Story of Dave Kleiman and Craig Satoshi

While the technicals behind Bitcoin’s code can be complex to understand, it involves a series of passwords or entry codes that can confirm the identity of its creator. There were also a set of companies involved in the case whose ownerships were put to question.

Nevertheless, the funds or the actual Bitcoins worth $10 billion for which the case is being fought has a profound story around it. According to Craig, Klieman and himself created Bitcoin together in 2009 after which they aggressively started mining the tokens.

However, later Craig was disappointed by seeing the use of Bitcoins on the silk road. He cried and expressed deep disappointment with himself for creating it and wanted to destroy all his and Dave’s Bitcoin. He said,

“If I had my way, I would’ve put a hammer through the hard drive that held those,”

However, Dave apparently talked him out of destroying the code, and they made a series of agreements. One of which forms the backbone of Craig’s defense.

The millions of Bitcoin mined earlier are still inaccessible by anyone in the world. Craig, who claims ownership over it says, he will have access to it after 2020. According to the pact between Dave and Craig, the entrance is held under protection until then.

Moreover, this was the primary issue of the hearing today. The court has asked Craig to produce the set of codes before the Government for a long time. However, Craig said,

“If there was any way at all that I could, then I would,”

However, the judge pointed out why didn’t Craig explain these situations before,

“So since 2016 you have known that you didn’t have access to these files and wouldn’t have access until 2020?” Judge Reinhart said. “And you knew that in February 2019 and in March 2019?”

The case has been adjourned until the next hearing.

Do you think that Craig is buying time to deviate the markets? Please share your views with us. 

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