Cripto Intercambio Review—the fastest way to Exchange Crypto?

By Casper Brown
Published December 18, 2019 Updated February 20, 2020
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Cripto intercambio

Cripto Intercambio Review—the fastest way to Exchange Crypto?

By Casper Brown
Published December 18, 2019 Updated February 20, 2020

The demand for instant crypto exchanges is on the rise as people look for fast, safe and convenient ways to trade altcoins. Safety is especially vital for many virtual currency owners. And as cases of hacks persist on traditional altcoin trading sites, traders will be hoping non-custodial exchanges like Cripto InterCambio will solve their needs.

Speaking of Cripto InterCambio, the Chilean startup has been making headlines since its launch in June. Although founded with a mission to facilitate the quick exchange of altcoins in Latin America, the startup is fast-rising into a global platform.

So, what’s Cripto InterCambio all about? To give an overview, below is a summary of the exchange:

  • A quick way to swap crypto
  • Wide range of altcoins supported
  • Zero Fees
  • Unlimited trade volumes
  • No Registration
  • Round the clock customer support

How to use Cripto InterCambio

Cripto InterCambio features a neat, well-organized user-interface for effortless transactions. Because it’s free and doesn’t require registration, all you need to complete an exchange is the receiver’s address. Cripto InterCambio does the rest.

The complete step by step process is as follows:

  1. Access the exchange tool on
  2. Select which crypto and how much you want to send
  3. Choose which altcoin you wish to receive in exchange
  4. Click Exchange Now
  5. Enter the receiver’s address and go to the next step
  6. Confirm and make payment
  7. Save your transaction ID for future reference
  8. Send your crypto to an address provided by the exchange

Cripto InterCambio facilitates exchanges within 5-30 minutes, depending on the altcoins being exchanged. Bitcoin sometimes takes longer when there’s high demand. But according to online reviewers; it’s a fast exchange.

Another outstanding feature is that you can make repeat transactions with InterCambio without visiting its website. That helps if you exchange coins to a specific altcoin regularly.

Let’s say you mine Ethereum and you regularly have to exchange it into Bitcoin before cashing out to your bank account. You could save InterCambio’s ETH address after the first transaction. Henceforth, you’ll send a specific amount of Ethereum to the address, and InterCambio will send an equivalent amount of BTC to your Bitcoin wallet.

Supported Currencies

Cripto InterCambio is continuously updating its list of supported cryptocurrencies. So far, it facilitates the exchange of more than 100 altcoins, stable coins and tokens. Some of the most popular coins you can trade on the website are:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Ripple
  • Monero
  • DASH
  • USD Tether
  • Binance
  • DOGE

You can exchange all of the supported currencies from the smallest amounts possible up to the maximum you can afford. The exchange shows you the minimum required you can send for each crypto for your convenience.

But it also advises you to find out the expected blockchain network fees for each altcoin you plan to send. That way, you’ll be better informed on how much to send if you want to receive a specific amount of altcoins in return.

Security and Privacy

One of the best strengths of Cripto InterCambio is its privacy features. It doesn’t ask for your email, name or contact addresses. The exchange is only interested in your receiver’s wallet address. It keeps a record of your receipts, memos, messages and destination tags, though. It records these records to speed up future payments.

For your security, InterCambio has secured its website using SSL encryption. That means all information flowing from your computer to the exchange is encrypted and can’t be viewed by third-party Internet users.

Being a non-custodial exchange, Cripto InterCambio doesn’t store your crypto at all. That eliminates the risk of being hacked and compromising people’s altcoins.

When you send BTC to the exchange, it finds a trading platform offering the best exchange rates and completes your transaction instantly. After that, it sends corresponding altcoins to your receiver’s address immediately.

Still on security, Cripto InterCambio has features to recognize invalid wallet addresses. So, if you input an address with a missing character, it won’t send the payment and lead to the loss of your altcoins. It also recognizes addresses that don’t correspond with the altcoin you want to receive.

For example, it can tell you inputted a Dashcoin (DSH) address after you specified you want to receive Dash (DASH) coins. In that process, it protects you from making a mistake and losing your funds permanently.

Supported Countries

Most crypto exchanges nowadays provide exchanges services all over the world. But due to government regulations, it’s common for popular trading platforms to exclude nations with restrictive cryptocurrency laws. North Korea, China, and the USA are some of the most common countries most exchanges opt not to offer their services to.

Cripto InterCambio isn’t immune to these regulations. As a result, it provides a guideline of expectations it requires from its customers. As an overview, it says;

  • All users must be above 18 years
  • You must not use the service to commit illegal activities
  • You must not be a resident of the USA, Cuba, Sudan, North Korea, Crimea, Syria, Bolivia or Bangladesh
  • You must provide correct information while using its service
  • You must not use robots or spiders to exchange coins on its platform

Needless to say, Cripto InterCambio expects you to use its services legally and ethically. It doesn’t ask for personal information or verification details. So, you can always use its services even if you come from a country that prohibits crypto. But you must assume all the risks in doing so.

Customer Support

Cripto InterCambio provides support in English, Spanish and Portuguese, the three most popular languages in Latin America. You can send the startup an email, tweet to them, contact their Facebook staff or reach out to them via

But before you contact Cripto InterCambio, consider finding answers on the site’s FAQ section. For example, you could learn why the site doesn’t use fixed rates, how to find a wallet address or cancel your transaction.

The FAQ question features more than a dozen questions and answers. So, there’s a high chance you’ll find a solution to any problem you might have for Cripto InterCambio. Of course, don’t hesitate to send an email if you believe you’ll getter a better answer that way.

Christmas Contests

During this festive season, Cripto InterCambio is giving out $20, $30, $50, $70 and $100 to five lucky winners in its ongoing contest. The rules are simple:


  • Like InterCambio’s Facebook pages: Cripto InterCambio espanol and Cripto InterCambio International
  • Share the pages and write a comment describing your Christmas wish under the post

InterCambio vs Changelly vs Shapeshift

Changelly and Shapeshift are two of the most popular instant exchanges online. But how do they compare to Chile’s Cripto InterCambio?


  • 5% transaction fees
  • Supports both FIAT and Crypto
  • Fast and Popular
  • Requires email to transact
  • Regularly asks for social media accounts for additional verification
  • Costs can get higher than on traditional exchanges


  • Compulsory registration since 2018
  • Supports over 30 altcoins
  • Zero transaction fees
  • Numerous complaints about slow transactions
  • Inflated miners’ fees

Cripto InterCambio is more similar to Shapeshift than Changelly. However, it doesn’t ask for account registration. It supports a significantly higher number of altcoins and has a reputation for facilitating transactions quickly.


Cripto InterCambio does what it promises excellently; it allows you to exchange crypto quickly and cost-free. It offers that service without storing your altcoin, asking for your personal information or any other KYC requirements. In other words, it’s offering crypto exchange services the way we all wish they were delivered.



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