Crypto Airdrop: Finally There Is A Shortcut To Earn Quick Money? Is It?

By Disha Gautam
Published June 3, 2018 Updated June 10, 2019
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Crypto Airdrop: Finally There Is A Shortcut To Earn Quick Money? Is It?

By Disha Gautam
Published June 3, 2018 Updated June 10, 2019

Do you aspire to become rich? but don’t have a penny also. Here’s the deal. Participate in a crypto airdrop, and there you go having money without really any extra effort.

It isn’t any hoax you may seem to be wary of instead it is the basic scenario that is sweeping across the crypto market.

What Does It Really Mean?

Paul is deem to participate in one of the airdrops of the latest crypto. What all he has to do is, just sign up for the airdrop and when the crypto is finally launched, he gets hold of some of them just like that, without any real time investment. After sometime when the crypto acquires value, it immediately reflects on the balance that Paul holds in the form of cryptos.

Let us look back at the past events, on August 1st, 2017 anyone who had bitcoin received the same amount of BCH for completely free, without any condition whatever. And as the word “free” swept across channels, it accounted for more and more instability coming its way. This ultimately led to the high upsurge in both the cryptos’ price levels with Bitcoin observing an all-time high record of USD $19,783.

So, what made this cryptocurrency reach such a mark was none other than an insanely creative and productive scheme, worked on by its regulators. A mere example of driving people crazy, starting a trend and thereby earning high returns.

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Are crypto airdrop good for market

It seems that the people behind the crypto world have done wonders out of an illusionary scheme that unfolded itself across the globe and spreading like fire.

Coins have been indulging themselves in this since the first Ethereum ICO. And now, it is used time and again while introduction of a new crypto.

In this case, nobody in real sense is accountable to pay you for your cryptos as they fail to offer securities of any kind. People exchange money in terms of money when they indulge in crypto swaps unlike money in case of coins, as in ICOs.

As people are giving lumps of money in an ICO to a team and not an acknowledged global regulator, they are simply standing by a promise that the particular team is deem to deliver.

So, ultimately as regards the question on crypto airdrop fundraising tactic, ICOs are much counted upon.  This comes in sync with its accountability in terms of the promise that backs just like a backbone.


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