Crypto Control: All-In-One Crypto Platform To Stay Abreast Of Crypto Market

By Stan Peterson
Published April 17, 2018 Updated April 17, 2018
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Crypto Control
Crypto Control

Crypto Control: All-In-One Crypto Platform To Stay Abreast Of Crypto Market

By Stan Peterson
Published April 17, 2018 Updated April 17, 2018


Cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile and affected by the incidents happening in this sector. From regulations, forks, events to new developments, there is so much that affects the sentiments of the market and in turn, the prices. These events can bring a sudden and sharp drop and rise in crypto prices. It is imperative that you know the latest bustle surrounding the cryptocurrencies.

However, there isn’t a single digital currency in the market. It’s pretty hard for an individual to keep track of all the new developments happening with different cryptocurrencies. About hundreds of cryptos are valuable in the market that demands attention and careful analysis.

But is it really possible for you to be updated at all times of all these cryptocurrencies? This is where Crypto Control comes into the picture. It is an all-in-one platform for the cryptocurrency related news.  

Crypto Control on your smartphone

This year itself, Crypto Control launched its iOS and Android version that was the first ever crypto news app with an aim to provide a comprehensive platform for global crypto news. It basically offers the crypto traders an easy to use and understand platform that connects you with all the new stories from the crypto realm and how they will be affecting its prices.

Crypto Control enables its users to view a wide range of articles and news pieces on any particular cryptocurrency on its website and smartphone app. Apart from the latest updates, it also provides a chart that follows the recent price movements that can be extremely beneficial for an investor and trader. A number of an option are also available for the user to make the news more customized such as blockchain, government, analysis, general and many more on its website.

Highly featured platform for every crypto-related news

Crypto Control app allows you to keep track of Reddit posts, blog posts, new articles for the top 2000 coins. Not just this, you can create your own portfolio, where you can add coins and see their development. Furthermore, the app also syncs with ethereum wallet among other exchanges and wallets. What’s more is you can convert the rates into the local fiat currency as well.

Using the app and its website is very simply that presents you with a long list of digital currencies that can be selected from a scrollable list of articles while offering a price chart that links every article to the shift in prices. These articles and news can be restricted to an hourly and weekly time period as well.

The platform gives you a price movement summary with each article along with the source of it. Moreover, the user receives push notifications for every new price and article update. It also provides the trading volume, supply among other features of coinmarketcap along with the prices of coins in a weekly and yearly intervals. So, if you are looking for an app where you can get every cryptocurrency update, Crypto Control is the way to go!

To know more about the platform and gain access to it, you can download the Android and iOS app or visit the site at


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