Samson Mow Questions the Worth of Crypto Media’s Subscription as it Goes Overboard

By Nivesh Rustgi
Published December 14, 2019 Updated December 14, 2019
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Samson Mow

Samson Mow Questions the Worth of Crypto Media’s Subscription as it Goes Overboard

By Nivesh Rustgi
Published December 14, 2019 Updated December 14, 2019

Samson Mow, an entrepreneur and CSO of Blockstream mocks crypto journalists for their consistent accusations which add little value to space.


Mow asserts that The Block is wasting its resources at pursuing against Samson Mow instead of putting it to better journalism. He tweets mockingly,

Sir, I paid @TheBlock $1,000 for breaking news and research. Why are you sending me *squints* collages of a cartoon lion?

Samson Mow’s avatar on Twitter is a cartoon lion. Mow also rekindled the recent report by the media on police raids at Binance. The news was identified as fake at large and invited a rebuke from its CEO, Changpeng Zhao.

Where it all Began?

The feud began as Samson Mow questioned the journalism practices at The Block in an event involving BTSE Exchange and Blockstream. Apparently, Coindesk’s Leigh Cuen published a report before The Block on BTSE’s $50 million token offerings on the Liquid network token offering despite not being present there.

This initiated a series of attacks against each other on their professional practices. The employees of the media continue to criticise the Liquid Network designed by Blockstream and label Mow as a hypocrite.

Mow persistently advocates Bitcoin maximalism (which shuns all other cryptocurrencies against Bitcoin). However, more recently, he is seen promoting the Liquid Network which is a second layer based on blockchain that enables transactions on its network.

Tuur Demeester, crypto analyst and Co-founder of Adamant Capital replied,

This has been my exact argument in “The Bitcoin Reformation”. Exchange tokens are very similar to annuities. Note that Samson said “if”. Speak your mind un an environment where 99% of tokens are crap and it’s easy to be labeled a hypocrite.

The Bitcoin Reformation was largely hailed among crypto-twitter. In the report, the team at Adamant Capital builds a case for Bitcoin in the future of the financial economy.

Tuur Demeester argues that Samson Mow includes the ‘if’ condition in his statement.

Moreover, there have been various other instances where Mow has been attacked by Crypto Twitter on criticism of Ethereum as well.

Nevertheless, while opinions of certain individuals do create FOMO and FUD in the market. In the long run, a project’s success will not be based on criticism from the press. Exchange tokens, ERC-20 tokens and including the Liquid Network as well are making progress at their own pace while noise on the internet continues to echo.

Do you side with the Blocks criticism of Mow or identify his views as pragmatic? Please share your views with us. 

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