Crypto platform for subscription management, Revuto releases non-custodial wallet with AdaLite

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Revuto, a blockchain startup and crypto-powered platform for managing subscriptions with digital assets has released a non-custodial wallet for a safe and convenient mobile experience for all REVU token holders.


According to the official announcement, the Revuto development team has worked tirelessly for months to create, perfect, and launch the non-custodial wallet in collaboration with AdaLite, an in-browser Waller for Cardano investors. The newly launched wallet is set to offer a simple, safe, and user-friendly Cardano wallet within the Revuto app. It is available for download on Google Play Store and iOS AppStore.

Revuto has also announced that a reward of 1.44 REVU would be provided to all users since all UTXO transactions on the Cardano blockchain require a balance of 1.44 ADA for withdrawals. This makes transferring assets from one wallet to another quick and effectively free because the cost is covered by Revuto.

Revuto is a unique crypto platform where users can manage all of their different subscriptions in one place. This means you can block, snooze, and even reactivate certain subscriptions easily and thus pay for those subscriptions that really matter. But Revuto is more than a subscription manager application. It’s so has a unique incentive mechanism that was developed to scale the ecosystem, add new users, maximize value for REVU (its native token) holders, etc.

Revuto is complete with its following features:

  • Cashback

Getting cashback from Revuto is fairly easy as it requires you to have the Revuto application and then make a payment for your subscriptions using the Revuto app. When someone pays for their subscription within the app, they earn cashback in the form of REVU tokens.

  • Referral

Whenever an existing Revuto user refers the application to their friends and acquaintances, they receive REVU tokens. When an invited account is verified, the invitee gets 5 REVU tokens. That is not all. When an invited account pays their subscriptions through the Revuto app, the invitee gets a percentage of every subscription transaction.

  • Staking rewards

Like most DeFi platforms, Revuto makes it easy to earn a passive income without having to do anything except for providing liquidity over a prolonged period. You could be making money while sleeping through Revuto’s staking rewards option. Providing liquidity to the Revuto protocol is a guaranteed way to receive REVU tokens as staking rewards.

These features keep REVU users satisfied with their experience on the Revuto platform.

According to Revuto CEO VedranVukman,

“We are staying true to our mission to grow and nurture the Cardano community – and delivering the best possible, mobile native wallet product is an important part of that. It may seem like a simple task on the outside, but for ADA holders and Revuto token sale participants, this isn’t a big shock. Some may remember that our oversubscribed ICO in May this year crashed Yoroi – a popular lightweight wallet – and that was a major signal that our community deserves a more stable and secure solution.”

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