New Cryto Scam Caught & Suspended on Social Media – Founder Warns Users

Tabassum Altcoin News published January 26, 2019 | modified January 26, 2019

Scam alert

New Cryto Scam Caught & Suspended on Social Media – Founder Warns Users

Looks like the eleventh largest cryptocurrency, Cardano is now been targeted by scammers. Weiss rating and co-founder of Cardano cryptocurrency or ADA warned users against the scam coin similar to name Cardano. In fact, it is named as ‘Cardano Classic’.

ADA Scam Detected – Beware

Accordingly, Charles Hokinson released a caution notice on social media. Addressing to so-called Cardano Classic as a scam, Charles says that;

They have no relationship to our project and if you give them money you will likely lose it.

Beside the co-founder, Weiss Ratings also cautioned users against the scam coin. However, there seems no relation between Cardano and Cardano Classic but the name of the coin sounds more like stealing Cardano’s authority for a marketing stunt.

At present, Cardano (ADA) is the eleventh largest cryptocurrency, stands just a step back from Bitcoin SV which is on tenth spot. According to the data from coinmarketcap, ADA holds the average marketcap of $1,120,359,390 with a positive mark of 1.65 percent over the past 24 hrs.

As per the reports, Cardano Classic team intends to create an ‘open-source online royalty payment model’. Beside resource claims its team members profiles as a fake profiles, the scam project has also been suspended on Twitter.

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