Cryptocurrency Price Prediction 2019: Stellar [XLM], Cardano [ADA], XRP to See High Gains while Tron [TRX] Expected to Lose

Published January 18, 2019 | Updated August 20, 2019

Cryptocurrency price prediction 2019
Cryptocurrency price prediction 2019

Cryptocurrency Price Prediction 2019: Stellar [XLM], Cardano [ADA], XRP to See High Gains while Tron [TRX] Expected to Lose

According to the latest cryptocurrency price prediction 2019 report by Finder, the six panelists discussed the upcoming fate of the 8 top cryptocurrencies by market cap.

Bitcoin (BTC): Bearish in 2019

The leading cryptocurrency has the highest prediction for February at $4,800 by Digital Capital Management COO Ben Ritchie while Bitcoin developer Jimmy Song predicts the lowest value at $2,103 as he says,

“They’re more or less random numbers. Hard to predict without knowing what news comes out between now and then.”

As for 2019 end, the prices are predicted by the panelists to be around either $6,500 or $8k, however, Fred Schebesta of Finder itself is extremely bearish on Bitcoin at $2,760.

Stellar (XLM): The Money Maker of 2019

The 6th largest cryptocurrency is expected to rule 2019 as it is picked to see the highest growth in the market. For February 1, the biggest number for XLM is $0.67 and the lowest at $0.01 as it has “broken from a strong base, now looks a bit weak on the charts.”

By the year-end, a 260% increase is predicted for XLM which is “in growth mode, working on a scalable blockchain, looking for projects that can take off. This could be the year.” Ben Ritchie says, “Stellar Lumens has gained a large amount of respect in 2018, as it continues to build a public blockchain that solves problems. “

Cardano, Ether, XRP, and EOS: Good Growth Expected

ADA is predicted to have a good year with over 90% growth by 2019 end as Joseph Raczynski says, “Another great project still looking to bake more projects in search for the killer app.”

The second largest cryptocurrency XRP is predicted to hit losses this month but a rise of 44% to $0.52 at the year’s end. Ben Ritchie believes in XRP as “They have announced some infrastructure tech in 2018 and it “has one of the largest and most coordinated groups of developers of all cryptocurrencies in Ripple Labs.” He also says, “almost a certainty is that XRP will follow its traditional pattern and undergo another pump and dump in 2019.”


EOS is “Yet another project where people are looking for formal use cases that work. This one, though more centralized, has potential,” says Joseph Raczynski. With 77% yearly growth, EOS holds promise but the monthly prediction of EOS is not positive.

By December 31, 2019, Ether is predicted to rise above $200 with 55% growth, however, losses are predicted by this month end. “The great altcoin winter is here,” summarized Jimmy Song.

Tron (TRX): Gonna Lose in “Altcoin Winter”

Tron is expected to lose the highest in January with over 52 percent loss predicted to $0.0093. However, this year end will see it with only a slight decrease of 0.32% to $0.0192.

However, Joseph Raczynski believes TRON will be valued at $0.022 by February 1st and $0.05 by December 31st as he explains, “The latest news coming out of the TRON game is transaction speed, which is what most projects are trying to figure out. If they indeed have passed a milestone in speed, this will pick up.”

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