CryptoGames – Experience a Quality Gambling Service Provided by an Elite Online Casino

By Guest Author
Published September 2, 2020 Updated September 2, 2020
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CryptoGames – Experience a Quality Gambling Service Provided by an Elite Online Casino

By Guest Author
Published September 2, 2020 Updated September 2, 2020

The world of gambling has seen massive growth in the past few decades. The application of the internet into our daily lives has brought about this incredible change, completely altering the infrastructure of the casino industry in the process. As the internet became more and more widely accepted, the number of online gamblers also started to rise rapidly. To tackle the huge influx of online gamblers, online casinos sprung up all over the internet. These online casinos became an instant hit in the gambling community- no longer did gamblers have to bother with the tedious task of visiting physical locations to engage in the favorite activity of gambling. These gambling sites allowed people to gamble from the comfort of their own homes whenever they desired.  Moreover, gamblers are now using cryptocurrencies instead of traditional fiat currency in online casinos- facilitating faster modes of deposits and withdrawals resulting in higher gameplay time.  All of these contributed to the revolutionary rise of online casinos and ushered in an era of quality gambling.

As the years passed, the number of online casinos increased rapidly to accommodate the rising number of online gamblers. These gambling sites came with the promise of top notch gambling services and a promise to always strive to achieve customer services. However many of these gambling sites are not efficient in the services they provide. Their insufficient services create a bad impression of what the world of gambling has to offer and many gamblers are left with a bitter experience of online casinos. This is where the elite casino, CryptoGames, comes in with a fantastic set of attributes and impressive features which can satiate the expectations of any gambler and creates a grand impression of the world of online gambling.

Savor top quality services that will make your online casino experience exquisite
The great gambling site CryptoGames has a fabulous set of services which has thoroughly satisfied its community of users. It has installed a multitude of effective security protocols which provide shatterproof security to user funds. Its library of entertaining old school games is extremely beloved in the gambling community. Users of CryptoGames never have to worry about delayed deposits and withdrawal and experience smooth and seamless financial transactions. The casino is operated by a team of extremely capable individuals who are sufficiently equipped to tackle any major and minor issues that might occur. The moderators in the site are superbly friendly and cooperative and will answer any queries and suggestions users might have.  The site also has mesmerizing wagering contests and celebratory promotions that always help the casino maintain a fun and engaging atmosphere. With the help of these extravagant services, CryptoGames sets a high standard in the world of gambling and maintains a dominating position that many casinos look up to.

Play entertaining old school games that will keep you entertained for years on end!
CryptoGames has a library of the most fantastic and mesmerizing games that are available in the gambling world. These old school games have gained immense love and support from the gambling community over the years and are always in high demand. Many of these games existed before the internet era and were favorites of many gamblers. CryptoGames has provided detailed guides alongside the games, so that players can learn and master the game at outstanding pace.  CryptoGames has decided to keep the number of games limited to a strict number of 8 as it has values quality over quantity and as it has no wishes of intimidating its users with hundreds and thousands of games and foil their concentration in the process.  The games provided by CryptoGames are – Dice, Slot, Roulette, Blackjack, Lotto, Plinko, Minesweeper and Video Poker.

Feel safe and secured with CryptoGames’s invulnerable security measures
The internet has brought infinite comfort and entertainment in our daily lives. However, it is often deemed as a dangerous place due to the ever present threat of online attackers such as hackers and scammers. These ferocious attackers are always on the hunt for weak points to steal valuable cryptocurrencies from users and will stop at nothing to attain them illegally. They often target gambling sites with poor and insufficient security which they breach to claim invaluable user funds.  It is up to the online casino to take necessary measures against these horrible attackers and ensure maximum protection for users’ cryptocurrencies.
CryptoGames has adapted numerous security protocols to thwart the attempts of online attackers and provide an indestructible layer of security for user funds. Two-factor authentication and SSL encryption were integrated by the casino into the system. These features stop a hacker from gaining user funds even if they somehow attain access of user accounts and password. Even when two factor authentication is disabled and user accounts are breached by hackers, they will be unable to withdraw funds as email verification is mandatory for fund withdrawal. In extremely dire events such as when the casino itself is under attack, the user funds will still be completely safe from hackers as CryptoGames stores user funds in cold wallets. All of the features mentioned above show CryptoGames’s strict stance on security and shows how it protects its user’s cryptocurrency from the clutches of atrocious attackers on the internet.

Relish fluent and fast financial transactions
CryptoGames recognizes the extreme importance of fast and smooth financial transaction which is why it has adapted multiple features which ensure that financial transactions in CryptoGames are smooth and seamless. Users of CryptoGames have the option of making deposits or withdrawals through 10 different types of cryptocurrency, providing users with a plethora of options.  The online casino supports the following cryptocurrencies- Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Gas, Monero, Stratis, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic. There is also an exclusive currency known as “Play Money” that users can use to test various strategies and techniques without puttingo their own balance into risks.
“Coinswitch”, a system that allows users to deposit and withdraw different forms of altcoins which are not directly supported by the casino, has also been integrated into the system by CryptoGames. The coins are automatically converted to a coin the casino supports when users deposit their altcoins through the coinswitch interface. The coins can be converted back using the Coinswitch platform which will automatically convert them to the form of coin the user wishes to take. CryptoGames has taken all necessary steps required to facilitate the smooth flow of cryptocurrency within the system and ensure that minimal time and energy from users is spent on deposits and withdrawals.

Celebrate a plethora of magnificent promotions and events
CryptoGames loves celebrations! The casino organises a multitude of promotions and events all throughout the year that invigorates the community and gives the gambling site an aura of celebration. The promotions and events hosted are extremely beloved by the CryptoGames community of users, who use these events as fun opportunities to claim enormous amounts of free coins, voucher codes, lottery tickets and other lucrative gifts! During holidays such as Halloween or Christmas, there are giveaways of free coins and numerous custom games are hosted by the administrators which deliver more lucrative gifts. Random surprises can be received on their registered email from time to time. The casino also hosts a special No Bet Speed Limit event on every Monday, where users can claim a higher number of coins as a larger number of bets per second can be placed on this special day. Users can be notified about these extravagant events by following CryptoGames on social media account and the Bitcointalk forum. 

Fabulous incentives such as Faucet and Rain will make you fall in love with the casino even more

CryptoGames has fabulous incentives like faucet which hand out free coins to users that are used to test strategies. The coins are a special blessing for users as gamblers can use these coins to implement different strategies and techniques without affecting their own balance. Higher levels of faucet helps a player claim more of these useful coins that those with lower levels. A specific set of objectives need to be completed in order to raise one’s level of faucet. The maximum level of Faucet allows users to claim up to 6,150 satoshi.

Rain is also another blessing for the users of CryptoGames. Rain rewards active chatters at random intervals with free coins. This in turn creates a much friendlier and kind atmosphere in the casino as players are motivated to be considerate and friendly towards each other through rain. Furthermore, no one can attain these free coins by spamming due to the smart system which detects spammers.

Claim opportunities to win giant jackpots!
There are some games with humungous jackpots that are under the radar of many ardent gamblers. Currently the jackpots of Dice and Roulette are huge and all devoted gamblers on the casino are trying their utmost to claim these bountiful prizes! The Dice jackpot of Bitcoin now stands at a whopping 3.7 BTC, which will be won by an incredibly lucky and ingenious gambler! Though, smaller percentage of the jackpot can also be won as long as the user meets the jackpot requirements.

Compete against other ardent gamblers in scintillating monthly wagering contests!
CryptoGames loves the sweet aura of healthy competition! The casino hosts monthly wagering contest that present users with an opportunity to compete against each other and develop their gambling prowess. The contests present ardent and devoted gamblers with a chance to earn big by rising at the top of the leaderboard. These wagering contests become the battleground of both veteran and novice gamblers who will try their utmost to claim the top spots at the leaderboard. The regular blog posts of the online casino applaud the winners of the wagering contests as champions and they are rewarded with lucrative prizes for their effort. VIP tags are given to the winners which grant them exclusive access to site wide features! The tags will last till the start of the next contest, giving the victors ample time to relish their winnings. The following is a list of rewards awarded to the top position holders of the leaderboard which might be subject to change in the future: 

  • BitcoinCash: A total of 5 prizes that sum up to 18.5 BCH is awarded to the players at the top of the leaderboard.
  • Bitcoin: 3.84 and 828 lotto tickets are divided among the top 10 players on the leaderboard based on their position.
  • Dash: A total of 18.50 DASH is divided among top 5 players on the leaderboard.
  • Dogecoin:  975,000.00 DOGE and 320 lotto tickets are divided among the top 5 players on the leaderboard.
  • Ethereumclassic:  185.00 ETC is divided among the top 5 players on the leaderboard based on their position.
  • Ethereum: 21.80 ETH and 828 lotto tickets are divided among the top 10 players on the leaderboard.
  • NeoGas: 290.00 GAS total bonuses is divided among the top 10 players on the leaderboard.
  • Litecoin:  42.50 LTC total bonuses and 790 lotto tickets are divided among the top 7 players.
  • Stratis: 1,155.00 STRAT total bonuses are divided among the top 5 players on the leaderboard based on their position
  • Monero – 23.30 XMR total bonuses divided among the top 5 players on the leaderboard.

You can always reach support in case of any queries or suggestions
CryptoGames has an excellent support team who are always there to assist in case of any questions, suggestions or complaints that users might have. The chat box can be used as a Live Support by users to reach the required support. Emails can also be used to contact support who answer emails within an hour during weekdays and within 24 hours during weekends. The announcement thread on the Bitcointak forum can also be utilised to reach support by directly messaging them. CryptoGames has also taken initiatives to makes sure users are participating in responsible gambling. If users ever feel they are spending too much time on gambling, there is a “Self Exclude” option which can be accessed by going to the account settings.  These allows gamblers to take some time off before they are ready to gamble again.

Final Verdict
CryptoGames is an elite gambling site that always strives to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. It provides services that assist it in leaving a lasting positive image on any users who visit the site. It has an extravagant library of old school games that everyone loves. Users feel safe and secure about their funds as CryptoGames protects them with impenetrable security. Efficient and fast financial options facilitate the smooth flow of cryptocurrency within the system and ensure lighting fast deposits and withdrawals. The celebratory promotional events help the casino maintain an atmosphere of grand celebration. Wagering contests provide competitive gamblers a chance to develop their potential and compete against other likeminded gamblers. Users of the online casino can always contact support in case of queries, feedback or emergencies. All of these awesome features and services ensure the users of CryptoGames are partaking in top quality entertainment and are earning huge profits in the process. Become a part of this mesmerizing online casino today and get a taste of top-notch gambling service!
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