An Evolution of Crypto Casino Industry- A Glimpse into the world of CryptoGames

Published February 17, 2020 | Updated February 17, 2020


An Evolution of Crypto Casino Industry- A Glimpse into the world of CryptoGames

The internet era is at full swing. Improvements in technology have reached astonishing heights and mankind is now at the pinnacle of its evolution. With such advancements in technology, the internet has brought about massive changes in all aspects of life. The casino business is one such sector; it has been altered significantly in the past decade and is now one of the biggest parts of the entertainment sector. Online casinos have been an enormous hit in the past few years, with the industry predicted to grow even bigger with the emergence of more and more online gambling sites that always aim to compete with each other and thus bring about overall improvement on the gambling experience of users. However, the hundreds and thousands of online casinos could become a curse for some unfortunate users, who might fall prey to malicious and fraudulent sites which solely exist to cheat and con unsuspecting gamblers. Furthermore, most online gambling sites focus completely on profits and are blind to all negative issues that exist in their casino. Such casinos turn into absolute nightmares for gamblers who do not have fun and are slowly drained of their valuable cryptocurrencies. CryptoGames comes as a blessing to such gamblers as it not only provides supreme user experience but also refuses to cheat its valuable users.

CryptoGames- A brief Representation
CryptoGames started off as, a slot machine supporting only Dogecoin and that grew in popularity among many ardent gamblers. The slot machine continued to evolve and today it is a colossal online casino, with a humungous community of users. Run by a well-organized intelligent and skilled team comprised of professionals and entrepreneurs who dexterously keep the site up and running flawlessly. A gambling mammoth, CryptoGames has over 4 Billion bets and has the highest faucet among all websites, starting at 50 Satoshi up to 6,150 Satoshi up every 3 minutes. CryptoGames also has a decent paying referral program, 25 percent of the house edge of every bet placed by the users referred player and is added to the balance within few seconds.  Fun and simple games, eye grabbing odds, solid financial security and a super friendly community of users are a few of the benefits one enjoys when he/she joins CryptoGames. It is the perfect destination if one is looking for quality entertainment and for a way to win big!

Curious about the deposit options at CryptoGames?
CryptoGames possesses a wide variety of deposit options to better facilitate monetary transactions of its users. It supports over 10 varieties of cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Gas, Monero, Stratis, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic. They also have “PlayMoney”  which can be used to test out various strategies without spending a single fraction of a coin from users own wallet. The user can choose to switch between any of the supported cryptocurrency via the built-in exchange system. Users can immediately start playing games as long as they have made the minimum deposit.

Participate in the festivities and the numerous promotional events that occur all round the year!
Here, in CryptoGames gamblers actively participate in loads of promotions and events that are hosted throughout the year, presenting users with ample opportunities to win lucrative rewards such as coins, voucher codes, lottery tickets and many more! In the previous years, Halloween, Christmas, Anniversary, Achievement accomplishment and many more events were hosted presenting users with chances to win multiple rewards. Users were emailed lots of free coins during the events! A “No Bet Speed Limit” Dice event is held every week on Mondays, which allows users to place larger number of bets per second, giving them an excellent chance to win big numbers. A monthly wagering contest that rewards the best players for their excellent game play and excellent bets is also held by the casino where the top players on the leaderboard are awarded with a VIP tag, granting them site privileges. Moreover, the faucets rewards and chat box “rain” are very much appreciated by the user base. Faucets present gamblers with valuable free coin. The users that have higher levels gain higher number of coins as a reward via the faucets. Users are required to do certain tasks to increase faucet levels. Active chatters are presented with free coins at random intervals during rain.  This creates a friendly and cooperative environment as users are rewarded coins for just being nice!

The games dice and roulette have progressive jackpots! This means one clever and well placed bet can win the whole pot in one single bet! The Dice jackpot of Bitcoin stands at a staggering 3.9 BTC, just waiting to be won by a super lucky user.

The Wagering Contest:

CryptoGames holds a monthly wagering contest where active gamblers compete with each other to reach the top of the wagering contest leader board. Top users are rewarded free coins and lotto tickets based on their wagered amount. Selected users also receive a VIP tag which unlocks premium features for the user.

The monthly rewards for the contest are as follows:

  • Bitcoincash – 5 prizes, up to 18.50 BCH total bonuses
  • Bitcoin – 10 prizes, up to 3.84 BTC total bonuses + 828 lotto tickets
  • Dash – 5 prizes, up to 18.50 DASH total bonuses. 
  • Dogecoin – 5 prizes, up to 975,000.00 DOGE total bonuses + 320 lotto tickets
  • Ethereumclassic – 5 prizes, up to 185.00 ETC total bonuses
  • Ethereum – 10 prizes, up to 21.80 ETH total bonuses + 828 lotto tickets
  • NeoGas – 5 prizes, up to 290.00 GAS total bonuses
  • Litecoin – 7 prizes, up to 42.50 LTC total bonuses + 790 lotto tickets
  • Stratis – 5 prizes, up to 1,155.00 STRAT total bonuses
  • Monero – 5 prizes, up to 23.30 XMR total bonuses

CryptoGames takes care of your security and safety
The internet is a vast terrain where hackers, like predators on the hunt for prey, always seek out opportunities to steal cryptocurrency from unsuspecting users. CryptoGames is fully aware of this and has adopted measure to ensure impenetrable security and complete safety for its users. Two-factor authentication and SSL encryption are utilised to provide users with protection from threats of all forms. Withdrawals need to be confirmed by email verification, making it almost impossible for attackers to attain money even if they get their hands on the user account and password. User funds are stored in cold wallets, ensuring their complete security even if CryptoGames itself is directly under attack.

CryptoGames treats players equally and does not cheat
CryptoGames has a reputation of being unbiased and impartial. It does not provide any user with unwarranted favors nor does it change conditions for any users to gain unfair advantages. The website is provably fair; it uses hashes and seeds which are used by the gamblers to verify bets. A third party website, Randompicker, which uses anti cheat mechanisms, generates the completely random results of lottery draws.

Our Verdict
CryptoGames has attributes which make it worthy of being compared with the best online casinos in the business. Its vast community of users and its wonderful team of moderators make it a haven for any gambler looking to have a good time and make friends. Furthermore, its renown of impenetrable security and the ultra fun games makes it a must for any ardent gamblers looking for safety and entertainment. CryptoGames has a responsive design and also provides mobile support, enabling users to access site privileges from the comfort of their mobile phones. Here you do not even have to bother opening an account because of the instant account creation feature creates your account as soon as you visit the site, but in order to have full access to the website and a secure account, users must complete their full registration. So if you are looking for a casino that offers an excellent service with an old school look, then CryptoGames is the place where you should be gambling.

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