CryptoGames: The First Ever Casino to Launch Solana in the World of Online Gambling

By Stan Peterson
Published September 29, 2021 Updated September 29, 2021

CryptoGames: The First Ever Casino to Launch Solana in the World of Online Gambling

By Stan Peterson
Published September 29, 2021 Updated September 29, 2021

For those who are up to date with the global techy financial system, it is well known that cryptocurrency has slowly started to take over the future system. And it is quite evident since many entertainment resources are becoming crypto-oriented. One notable example of the merging of Cryptocurrencies and entertainment sources is the birth of Crypto oriented Casinos.

And on the top of our list, we have CryptoGames as the most formidable online crypto casino. It is capable of providing both entertainment and regular profits without compromising any of its elements. The casino promotes advanced gambling through lightweight and modern technology. It features 9 of the most delightful betting games along with an excellent user interface. CryptoGames has topped the race of online crypto casinos by offering 9 of the present-day cryptocurrencies for the users.

And now, it has yet again claimed its throne in the gambling industry by being the first to enable the use of Solana in an online casino.

Why Crypto Games believes Solana to be a worthy addition for its casino:

Originated back in the year 2017, the idea of Solana first became known in the time of the ICO boom. During the time, its founder Anatoly Yakovenko gave out hints about the potential blockchain by publishing a whitepaper draft. Solana has been curated by a team of famous veterans Greg Fitzgerald and Stephen Akridge of Qualcomm Company. The team is said to have worked alongside several genius engineers from Apple.

Last year, in 2020, the Solana mainnet network was finally launched into the crypto world of finance. It came out with all the traits to take over the place of Ethereum shortly. Solana has been displaying an unmatched ability to scale and achieve low costs of ongoing transactions. Which easily solves Ethereum’s underlying issues. To get a better understanding of Solana, we have listed a few of our views down below:

  1. Compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum’s transaction speed (approx. Seven and Thirty per second respectively), Solana offers the highest number of transactions. Which is up to 65000 in a fraction of a second.
  2. In usual cases, other transaction systems take a lot of time to process the transfer of funds. But Solana settles all kinds of transactions in real-time without any additional delay.
  3. Solana also comes with an amazingly reasonable cost for fund transactions. Since one of the many reasons behind Ethereum’s dropped popularity, is its high costs, Solana comes off as a lifesaver.
  4. Because Solana is a completely decentralized cryptocurrency, it shows immense potential to be enabled in many applications.
  5. By utilizing every piece of hardware for indexing data, the database reads and writes transaction input at the same time using Cloudbreak.

Making the best use of Solana in CryptoGames:

All players of CryptoGames can use the freshly launched cryptocurrency for all sorts of deposits, withdrawals, and exchanges. Along with the facility to use it for transactions, the users can play 9 games including Dice with the coin.

Deposit Time Required for Solana is: Few Seconds (1 confirmation)

Minimum Deposit Amount is: 0.01 Solana

The Minimum Withdrawal Amount is 0.0005 BTC or altcoin equivalent (requires 2 network confirmation of all your deposits)

Let Solana Intensify Your Gambling Experience

For now, the fastest-growing blockchain is being offered right at the reach of all players for gambling only at CryptoGames. If you are interested in the divine world of crypto gambling, then make sure not to miss the opportunity of using Solana to play exciting and riveting games in CryptoGames. Solana’s inclusion in CryptoGames is thrilling to experience it first-hand. So you should head out to CryptoGames and check out the “Real Ethereum Killer” for yourself!

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