Binance CEO Proposes ‘Bitcoin-Tesla Trade’ Offer To Elon Musk For Owning Just 0.25 BTC

Tabassum Altcoin News February 22, 2019


Binance CEO Proposes ‘Bitcoin-Tesla Trade’ Offer To Elon Musk For Owning Just 0.25 BTC

Changpeng Zhao, CEO the largest Bitcoin exchange responded to the recent claim of Elon Musk, who said that, he is owning only 0.25BTC.

And its amazed that the billionaire entrepreneur of Tesla, Elon Musk who’s projecting to attempt 5,00,000 cars in 2019 – is claiming that he owned less than half Bitcoin which his friend had sent him several years ago. In his words;

That said, I still only own 0.25 BTC, which a friend sent me several years ago. Don’t have any crypto holdings.

Binance CEO Proposes – Bitcoin Tesla Trade

As soon as the tweet comes on the web, it got the mass attention, in fact at present time, the tweet grabbed 45.6k likes, 2.4k retweets, and 1.4k comments. Interesting to browse the comments of crypto enthusiasts including most influential figures such as ‘Anthony Pompliano of Morgan Creek Capital Management’.

On top of all, very recently, CZ, who hardly need any introduction is quietly made a ‘cunning offer’ to Musk. Perhaps the tweet is interestingly highlighted CZ’s offer to Musk. He says ‘I still don’t have much of a Tesla, let’s trade some’.

Smartly, CZ’s mark on trading ‘Tesla for Bitcoin’ is likely an attempt to encourage Musk to have much of Bitcoin (possible attempt, not something that CZ openly revealed). Following CZ’s comment, crypto enthusiasts shared their views, few of those quoted below;

Lol… Hope he gets to shake hands and seal this one!!! –  @Ke_BitCoin

1 BTC is 1 Tesla soon- @ronbroek

Naaah, you will never be able to buy a @Tesla for $ 250 ? – @rafschippers

 Anthony Pompliano – Send Me Your BTC Address, I’ll Send More BTC

Although the podcast publicly released on Feb 19, 2019, the conversation on Elon’s comment of stating ‘Bitcoin a better currency than a piece of paper’ is crazily running the headlines. Additionally, CZ isn’t the only big profile in Industry commenting on Elon’s BTC holding, Morgan Creek’s Anthony Pompliano also sarcastically asked Elon to try out Lightning Network. He mockingly asked his Bitcoin address that he would send more BTC to him. He called Bitcoin ‘the future global reserve currency of the world’ and says;

So for now, we all can watch how ‘the known figure of tech’ responds to the ‘most influential figures of crypto industry’. It’s quite interesting – whether Musk will take it as the challenge or accept trade Offer and make crypto entry.

Or will there possibly be a ‘Tit for tat’?

How era’s tech minds unite in conversation again! – Let’s just watch, but readers, what’s your opinion on the possible reaction by Elon Musk? share with us

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