CZ Again Sarcastic on Musk’s Tesla – Let’s Put Bitcoin on Mars As First Currency

Tabassum Altcoin News Publish On March 2, 2019 | Modified On March 2, 2019

Binance CEO

CZ Again Sarcastic on Musk’s Tesla – Let’s Put Bitcoin on Mars As First Currency

Uhhh!! Binance’s CZ is again calling out Tesla’s viewpoint on Bitcoin – and this time, he sarcastically asked to put bitcoin on Mars as the first currency.

While quoting Elon Musk’s tweet where he shared a video that represents ‘Earth floats gently in zero gravity’, CZ says ‘Let’s put Tesla on hold for a bit, Let’s put bitcoin on Mars’. In his words;

However, Musk is not immediately reached out to comment (at the time of reporting) but the crypto enthusiasts on Twitter is all whole enjoying the sarcastic comment of CZ. One such Twitter user responds;

Imagine buying something with $BTC on #MARS! Can we make this happen?  @elonmusk

As reported earlier, Elon Musk recently talked ‘optimistic about bitcoin’ and since that time ‘his name across crypto space is quite often appeared. Nevertheless, this is not the first time CZ began this type of sarcastic conversation to Musk, earlier as coingape reported ‘he offered Bitcoin for Tesla in a response to Musk’s comment – that says, he just owned 0.25 bitcoins.

To note, Bitcoin at the moment is declining with 0.41 percent over the past 24 hours – and trading at the value $3853.03. Consequently, the average trading volume of BTC as per the data from coinmarketcap counts $67,684,647,556.

Worth to mention that Elon Musk didn’t respond to CZ’s view for his last tweet as well. Moreover, CZ himself is not certainly in need to buy Tesla Car – in fact, as a response to one crypto enthusiast, CZ states that ‘he is waiting for a Tesla coin’.

Do you think Elon Musk agrees to what CZ offered? Share your thoughts if you would like to see Tesla Coin in the near future

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