“Expecting 400% Growth in Dapps on Tron Network Next Month”: Tron CEO Justin Sun

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“Expecting 400% Growth in Dapps on Tron Network Next Month”: Tron CEO Justin Sun

The 12th largest cryptocurrency Tron is making a lot of headway when it comes to Dapps as it accounts for 20+ with the number of Dapp users increasing as well on its network while expecting 80+ more in next month, as per CEO Justin Sun.

Dapp Growth Explosion on Tron: 80+ More Dapps in Pipeline for Next Month

Tron is making serious development over the last few months which its founder and CEO Justin Sun doesn’t forget to put across the media and in the crypto space.

Lately, Tron has been working on the Dapp growth on its platform as it already accounts for over 20 Dapps just after one month of its Tron Virtual Machine (TVM) release. Not just this, the growth is further expected to explode as stated by Sun on Twitter:

Tron has been increasing the performance of its network by focusing on Dapp development and further improving its Dapps products. Tronbet, one of the Dapp on Tron, is seeing better performance than that of Ethereum’s IDEX.

A few popular Dapps on Tron network are TRONDice that is soon going to initiate its first profit dividend campaign, TRONbet, a provably-fair gaming platform, CoinFlip among others.

Source: https://tron.app/stats

Recently, Tron started with its Dapp weekly report to help other developers and partners to build on Tron. According to the latest data as per Tronscan.org, in the last 24 hours, 916k transactions have taken place with 24 hour TRX volume of 346,436k.

Source: https://tron.app/stats

With over 4,000 daily Dapp users, it is going in an upward direction as shown in the graph below,

Source: https://tron.app/stats

Meanwhile, Tron is trading at $0.0125 while registering 24 hours greens of 8.40 percent. The 12th largest cryptocurrency as per the market cap of $827 million is managing the daily trading volume of about $66 million.

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