Darb Finance Review—an Ambitious Crypto Investment Ecosystem

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Darb Finance Review—an Ambitious Crypto Investment Ecosystem

The cryptocurrency industry has made tremendous achievements in the past ten years. Despite that, it is still too complicated to invest for millions of people out there. It is also riddled with security hurdles that deter many institutions from taking it seriously.

Fortunately, all these problems could soon end should blockchain startup Darb Finance succeeds in its mission to simplify the crypto investment process for all. The company has already identified the main issues plaguing the crypto industry as follows:

  • Poorly engineered crypto exchanges
  • Inefficient customer support to traders
  • Poor web security
  • Excessively large crypto wallets
  • Wallets incompatible with multiple coins
  • Steep learning curves with most crypto projects
  • Limited language support

Darb Finance—A One Stop Solution for Crypto Investments

Darb is a comprehensive ecosystem for everything to do with cryptocurrencies. It features an altcoin trading platform, a multi-chain wallet, and a token through which investors can earn passive income. It also presents a launchpad where upcoming crypto projects can promote their services.

Despite the many services, Darb Finance views itself as a gateway into the blockchain world. It centers its services on simplifying the entire blockchain investment process. It also plans to deal with vital issues like security, lack of scalability, slow speeds, and unusable web interfaces.

To show its commitment, Darb Finance uses a swift order matching engine that can handle 3.7 million orders per second. That makes it one of the fastest trading engines out there, faster than MasterCard, Visa and most crypto exchanges.

Darb is also a secure platform. In addition to being built using state of the art security standards, it’s also regularly audited and tested for vulnerabilities. To ensure investors also remain safe, the network allows you to safeguard your data and crypto through a slew of privacy settings. These include:

  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Email verification
  • Passwords
  • Anti-phishing codes
  • Single browser login
  • Remembering safe IP addresses

The DARB Finance Whitepaper

No blockchain project is ever complete without a detailed whitepaper to summarize its services. Darb Finance features an elaborate 29-page whitepaper that provides background information about the project’s creators, the project’s goals, and how they will be achieved.

The whitepaper describes Darb as a “professional platform that will be the gateway into the blockchain world for people across the world.” It goes ahead to describe Darb’s target group as everyone interested in crypto. That means it won’t limit its marketing efforts to blockchain-savvy investors alone.

To be more precise about the network’s services, these are some of the services outlined in its whitepaper:

  • An up and running crypto and FIAT trading exchange
  • An all-encompassing wallet for altcoins and IEO/ICO tokens
  • A Portfolio management platform
  • FIAT to crypto terminal to help first-time investors get on board with crypto effortlessly
  • Social trading accounts for beginners
  • Media channel regularly updated with crypto news and social-economic trends

Of course, some of the services highlighted above are offered by many other companies out there. Darb Finance stands out by providing these benefits to its customers:

  • Ability to deposit and withdraw either FIAT cash or crypto
  • IEO launch pad to promote upcoming crypto projects
  • Multilingual support to reach out to the world more effectively
  • Impressively low trading fees: 0.05% for market makers and 0.15% for takers
  • Regulated and licensed to offer peace of mind to traders
  • Darb IEO token as an investment asset
  • Proof of Trades
  • Affiliate program to allow customers to make money by referring their friends

The Team behind Darb Finance

DARB consists of 12 team members and a handful of partners and advisors. The company claims its professionals are a family that not only work together but also stays in touch throughout. Below are the most prominent members and advisors:

Hubert Krawczyk—(CEO). Hubert comes from a project management background but is also trained in technical and business analyses. He’s been involved in many crypto projects, including the first Poland-based data science company.

Lukas Miller—(CTO). A full-stack web developer and a business system analyst, Miller oversees all of Darb’s technical projects. He has previously launched web-based applications, and so holds the expertise needed to help Darb engineer stable platforms.

Szymon Kot—(Marketing Executive). Having led several other companies to marketing success, Kot has the knowledge and experience required to promote Darb to the world. He’s also served as a project manager as a business development expert for a TV Show.

Piotr Galka—(Lawyer). Piotr is Darb’s chief legal advisor in manners of company regulation, investments, incorporation and running cryptocurrency services. He’s a great addition to the company’s team, now that it provides an extensive list of services.

The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA)—The MFSA is a renowned regulator in Europe. It regulates DARB’s financial services to ensure it remains professional and follows strict financial and data management guidelines.

Business Model: DARB Tokens

The Darb token is a currency that unifies the entire Darb Finance ecosystem. It’s an ERC23 utility token by design. It can be used as a base currency on the Darb trading exchange. Investors can also purchase and sell it as an investment or trade on Darb and receive it as a reward.

Being an ERC23 token, Darb has access to Ethereum’s smart contracts. The network uses these contracts to determine how many tokens to give both market makers and takers. The makers receive 65% of tokens offered while the takers receive the remaining 35%.

In preparedness for market inflation, Darb says it won’t always give out the same portion of tokens to traders. Instead, it will share out tokens in stages divided into percentages as people mine the tokens. With the first 10%, the company will award 35% of its daily revenue to traders. It will then increase to 40%, 45%, and 50% in the final stages of mining its tokens.

Still, on DARB tokens, they perform several useful services. They are used for:

  • Revenue sharing: this is the token’s primary purpose. They will be used to award daily traders.
  • Privilege to participate in polls: Darb performs surveys regularly to get suggestions and ideas from traders. However, only those with Darb tokens can participate in these polls.
  • Join the Advisory Board: if you buy enough tokens to top Darb’s top 50 investors, you will get a seat on the company’s advisory board. You can then share your suggestions on how to improve the company for a month.
  • Priority in customer support and KYC verification: token holders will get dedicated customer support and their KYC verification will be prioritized. That is meant to encourage more people to purchase Darb tokens.
  • Privilege to earn from copy trading: if you buy DARB tokens, you’ll be able to learn from the best traders and even copy their moves.

Trading Fees

DARB finance imposes no fees for deposits. For trading, the company adjusts its charges according to your monthly trading volume. As such, you could be making a trade with a 0.05% fee this month and 0.015% next month. Below is an outline of the charges.

Level Amount (BTC) Maker (%) Taker (%)
General <100 0.05 0.2
VIP I 100-500 0.045 0.2
VIP II 501-4499 0.04 0.15
VIP III 4500-9999 0.035 0.14
VIP IV 10K-19,999 0.03 0.12
VIP V 20K-39,999 0.035 0.1
VIP VI 40K-79,999 0.020 0.08
VIP VII 80K-149,999 0.015 0.06
VIP VIII 150K- 0.01 0.04

For withdrawals, the fee and minimum withdrawal limit vary from one crypto to the other. Bitcoin, for instance, attracts a charge of 0.001BTC and a limit of 0.002BTC. You can withdraw a minimum of one DARB token, 0.02 ETH and one XRP. If you choose Fiat cash, you can withdraw as little as €5 or $1 at no charge.

Community Acceptance

DARB finance values social media networks and has accounts on all popular platforms. The company has over 5,000 Instagram followers, its best performing social media account. The network’s team is also active on Twitter, Facebook, Medium, and Reddit.

A Note to Investors

DARB Finance is an ambitious project. But as they say, ambition is priceless. If the DARB team works hard to deliver an excellent trading platform, a secure wallet and stay faithful to its promises—it could certainly fly to the moon and back.

The company provides an extensive catalog of services. But most importantly, it is determined to provide a gateway for people to invest in crypto fast and hassle-free. If it achieves that, Darb Finance could gain an incredibly huge fan base around the world.

Its trading fees are ridiculously low, meaning traders have a reason to trade on the platform. It also rewards market makers and takers, allowing them to make money whether they buy or sell crypto. Additionally, the team at Darb Finance is warm and available to help traders 24/7, something that could go a long way in making everyone feel welcome on the network.


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