Dash Ranks Higher After Boosting Internet Free Charity Model for Venezuela

By Tabassum
Published March 18, 2019 Updated March 18, 2019
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Dash Ranks Higher After Boosting Internet Free Charity Model for Venezuela

By Tabassum
Published March 18, 2019 Updated March 18, 2019

For the first time, Dash cryptocurrency is moving beyond crypto ecosystem. The SMS based Dash Wallet or Text Wallet has launched a new charity system which is completely automatic and helps the needy immediately. Following the launch, trading volume of Dash cryptocurrency is picking up the positive figures.

Dash Took New Move

At press time, the value of one DASH coin against the US dollar is trading at $94.31, surging with 3.13 percent over the past 24 hours. Per the average market cap, Dash is sitting comfortably at 15th spot with a little difference by IOTA which has lost 1.53 percent during the past 24hours.

Internet Fee Blockchain Charity System

Dash Text Wallet’s distributed charity model is one of the recent strong pointers that likely influenced the total volume of DASH cryptocurrency. As claimed officially, it is one of the ‘world’s first distributed charity model’ – which is an automated, irrespective of the place where a doner resides.

This is powered by DASH coin and works simply without an internet connection. The doner can send DASH cryptocurrency to a specific donation address using SMS-based Dash Wallet. All such Donations will then be evenly and instantly distributed among the people who really need it. At the same time, recipients will also have Dash Text wallets which let them send/receive SMS using its official wallet and access to the funds in need.

However, such donations will help beneficiaries buy food, medicines and other essential items along with enabling them to learn how to use cryptocurrencies.

At the moment, the charity program is in a pilot phase, majorly focusing on helping poor students at the School in Caracas, Venezuela. The pilot project was considering 50 students who reportedly used donations to buy 1000+ lunches and 900 beverages. This was possible with donations of at least 60 transactions made every day. A donation initiative by DASH text wallet contributes a major boost for the Venezuelans, especially for those who are battling with poor economic and infrastructure within the country.

Following the success of inception and ongoing effort of this program, Lorenzo Rey, the Dash Text Wallet Co-founder says;

“Whenever someone makes a donation through our system, the money gets immediately and equally distributed amongst the people you’re donating to, this is completely transparent and traceable on the blockchain, the money is never touched by a human third party inside our system, it is all automated and happens in just a few seconds. Recipients receive a confirmation SMS which might include the name and country of the person who donated. There is no system like this in the world today, all charity donations, including crypto charities, right now require some sort of human intermediation,”

Beside this, DASH has also partnered with Bitrefill which is a mobile top-up and a gift card service provider. The partnership would help DASH’s donation campaign in terms of reducing the top up cost of mobile phones.

So readers, what do you think about DASH helping Venezuelans? share your opinion with us.


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