Decentralized Online Casino BetHash Ups its Max Betting Limit to Woo High Rollers

Published September 23, 2019 | Updated September 23, 2019

Decentralized Online Casino BetHash Ups its Max Betting Limit to Woo High Rollers

August 11, 2019—Blockchain-based online casino BetHash has upped its maximum betting limit to allow high rollers to wager up to $5000 quarterly. Beginning this month, casino players can play to win a lot more crypto when they bet on an extensive range of slot machines and table games on BetHash.

Although a relatively new casino, BetHash is one of the fastest growing online gambling platforms. Its outstanding user interface, top-notch security and focus on the blockchain technology sets it apart from many traditional casinos. BetHash also accepts players from all parts of the world and allows them to use cryptocurrencies to wager on any of its casino games.

In addition to being a crypto-friendly casino, BetHash is fully decentralized. That means no one can grab your bankroll and take off with it. Again, the website can never be shut down due to a technical hiccup or the administrators going rogue. 

Like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any blockchain-based project, BetHash is run through peer-to-peer interactions. Despite this, the website offers casino games like the average online casino. Players can choose to play lotteries, dice, blackjack, slots, banker bull among other games on the platform.

But being a customer-centered company, BetHash offers more than gambling games. It provides:

  • Generous signup bonuses and promotions including no deposit rewards. It also offers weekly and quarterly bonuses.
  • Ability to earn passive income by investing and staking HASH tokens
  • An active referral system promising up to 15% of the house edge

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Fairest Online Casino

BetHash is also unique in that it provides one of the fairest gambling systems. Unlike conventional casinos that use RNG software that could be rigged, BetHash depends on the cheat-proof EOS transaction hash system.

The system uses a sequence of numbers and letters to produce undetectable seeds that form winning bets in casino games. And because EOS features an incredibly fast block time, the algorithms provide winning bets fast enough to keep players entertained.

Level UP for Rewards

Although whale players enjoy the best rewards on BetHash, everyone has an opportunity to claim free betting crypto through the website’s “Level Up” program. 

More specifically, you earn one Hpoint for every 10 USDT you wager on the platform. When you accrue multiple points, you receive betting credits you can use to bet on a variety of games. 

Unlike many casinos, betting your money is not the only way to gain points on BetHash. The casino also awards you hash points when someone you referred to the platform wagers 10 USDT or more.

Race your Way to 5000 USDT

BetHash’s customers who win the most amount of money share a cash prize reward of 500 USDT at the end of the week and $5000 quarterly. The gift is divided amongst the top 100 players, albeit disproportionally. The top 10 players consume 91% of the money while the remaining 90 players share the rest. 

Exchange Crypto at Low Rates


Another service offered on BetHash is the exchange of popular altcoins like Ethereum, EOS, Tron, and USDT. Players can exchange any of the supported altcoins for another or for Bitcoin. BetHash offers the services to give players the convenience to bet using their favorite cryptocurrency.

About BetHash

BetHash is a decentralized blockchain-based gambling website. It’s based on the EOS blockchain and uses EOS Hash to produce winning bets for casino games provided on its platform. While it is a fairly new casino; BetHash is proving to be a force to reckon with thanks to its huge bonuses, fair games and high betting limits for high rollers.

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