Decoin: Revenue Sharing Exchange Trading Platform with Redistributed Revenues

By Guest Author
Published July 27, 2018 Updated July 27, 2018
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Decoin: Revenue Sharing Exchange Trading Platform with Redistributed Revenues

By Guest Author
Published July 27, 2018 Updated July 27, 2018

In 2017, cryptocurrency started to become a mainstream phenomenon. Popular publications started reporting on it, investors of various demographics began investing in it, and it seemed like the mass adoption of cryptocurrency was plausible in the near future.

Now, a blockchain startup, Decoin is here to disrupt the status quo by offering tremendous value from revenue sharing to crypto-credit cards to the coin holders.

Decoin: Blockchain-based exchange & trading platform with redistributed revenues

Decoin is developing a trading and exchange platform that offers redistributed revenues to coin holders. This means that coin holders registered on the DTEP exchange will be eligible to receive up to 20% of trading revenue generated by the exchange.

Moreover, the company is offering its own suite of crypto-credit cards operating directly with the coin’s wallet. Through this, they are offering native coin holders the flexibility to spend their digital currency whenever and wherever they are.

Private sale open: Bonus discount ends on 31st July

The private sale of Decoin is open right now. Decoin’s starting price for private sale is $0.67, while the ICO rate is set at $0.90. Currently, it is offering a 35 percent Bonus to investors which is going to end on July 31.

This bonus discount is a special offer made especially for the private sale. Though there is no maximum investment limit, the minimum investment is 500 USD.

Having already reached its soft cap ICO fundraising goal, Decoin is poised for success in its attempt to disrupt the crypto-credit card market.

“Reaching the soft cap of $4,000,000 is an exciting moment,”

– says Shay Perry, CEO of Decoin.

“We are happy with the support of the community and will soon announce further developments in the project.”

Decoin making strong progress

Placing user security at the forefront of its priority list, Decoin is storing 97% of the funds offline in cold storage while the remaining 3% will be insured. Additionally, the company’s DTEP exchange is scheduled to launch in approximately 4-6 months—at the same time, the company expects to obtain it’s licensing from the Singaporean RMO. This critical milestone in the company’s roadmap will enable DTEP to operate worldwide, fully licensed.

As a further addition of value behind the scenes of Decoin’s crypto-credit card product, the company has updated its blockchain ecosystem and fully developed its technology. This means that 100% of its coins and wallets are prepared for activation and launch—upon completion of the ICO on October 26th, 2018, the coins will be allocated to investors’ private wallets.

“There are funds from all over the world that are interested in investing in our project,”

– says Perry.

“And we are very happy to be reaching this moment of small success on a long path still to go.”

The global economy is slowly shifting towards an entirely digital framework. Decoin’s innovative crypto-credit card solution—along with its well-developed “revenue-sharing exchange” and professional team—may prove interesting for end users.

Decoin is making serious development that could lead the company in becoming an industry leader in both the crypto-credit card as well as the exchange and trading platform markets.

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