Defhold Unveils its 1st Global Crypto Staking Platform and Whale Club

By Guest Author
Published December 20, 2020 Updated December 20, 2020
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Defhold Unveils its 1st Global Crypto Staking Platform and Whale Club

By Guest Author
Published December 20, 2020 Updated December 20, 2020

DeFi platform Defhold is shaking things up in the crypto market with its rollout of a non-inflationary staking and farming protocol that rewards users for HODLing their tokens.

The platform is designed to offer yield generating investment strategies to long-term cryptocurrency holders and to incentivize investors to hold crypto during market dumps.

Defhold integrates mechanisms that reward strong investors at the expense of weak hands by providing accurate portfolios and own liquidity management.

Investors have even more reason to participate in the DeFi revolution with the imminent launch of two new crypto products from Defhold just in time for Christmas.

Here is a look at the whale club product that allows investors’ holdings to retain value, and the 1st Global Crypto Staking Platform that increases accessibility to ERC-20 tokens.

Both crypto products promise to offer several benefits to DEFO investors and will be audited by to guarantee the safety of user funds.

Whale Club: Providing Extraordinary ROI to Investors

Defhold plans to release its highly anticipated Whale Club on December 24, 2020. This new product introduces multiple private vaults that offer users the opportunity to collectively invest in various projects like whales.

The Whale Club product has three vaults, each with minimum balance requirements to join and a minimum market cap of the underlying assets. Even the small cap vault with a minimum balance requirement of USD 1,000 allows investors to enjoy the buying power and experience of whales.

Investors willing to put in more money into the mid cap and large vaults benefit from additional buying power and the ability to discover lucrative third party projects due to the proposals of other investors.

Participants in the Whale Club will be required to pay their investment amount in USDC or USDT along with an entrance fee in DEFO amounting to 5% of their investment.  

The entrance fee and profit-sharing will benefit all DEFO holders by amplifying the buying pressure on the token and offer extra returns to stakers/farmers.

The vaults will accept funds for a 48 hour period, after which investors will receive secondary tokens (similar to LP tokens) representing their share of the vault.

These secondary tokens will enable investors to propose and vote for the targeted projects in which they want the vault’s assets to be invested. Every investor also gets to propose the entry and exit price without any centralized authority or fund manager.

Whale Club members will gain access to safer and well-informed investments due to the partnership with Block Insight, which will review all projects to ensure the best ROI for stakers and farmers.

Introducing the First Global Crypto Staking Platform

The Defhold early withdrawal fees (EWF), staking and farming pools were always designed to add more tokens to offer increased buying pressure to boost DEFO’s traction. Defhold team is now turning its EWF Pools into the first global crypto staking platform.  

The working process of this new platform will be exactly like the former DEFO staking pools. However, the new Global Crypto Staking Platform will add more benefits for stakers by proposing EWF pools for every ERC-20 token. 

Therefore, the platform will transform Defhold into the 1st crypto staking platform accessible to every ERC-20 token and sharing the rewards among all the existing tokens.

All ERC-20 token holders will be able to stake on Defhold, which will be the first platform offering such global staking services based on an EWF mechanism. The main benefit for DEFO holders is more exposure of the native token as well as increased buying pressure and price enhancement.

Every ERC-20 tokens’ pool will automatically market-buy DEFO for the amount corresponding to the EWF, so stakers will be able to stake their favorite tokens and still enjoy any price upside; they won’t be obliged to sell to partake into the EWF pools.


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