Feb, 24
Nimbus Platform (NBU), the Ultimate DeFi Ecosystem, Gains Listing on Uniswap DEX!

Nimbus platform – a DAO-governed ecosystem that generates over 10 reward streams for users based on the most-wanted financial tools, such as IPO participation – is finally launching on Uniswap on February 24th, 2021 at 12 PM GMT. The move to Uniswap opens up new exciting opportunities for users including arbitrage opportunities and the ability

Feb, 19
Is Pancakeswap the New Uniswap? Why PancakeSwap Is Surging & What’s Next?

The growing influence of Binance Smart Chain (BSC) amid skyrocketing gas fee on Ethereum network has not just sent Binance Coin (BNB) the native token to the moon, in fact, it has led to significant market flipping in the defi market where Pancakeswap, a BSC based defi protocol has seen greater trading volumes than market

Feb, 16
Meet the Projects Working to Boost Your DeFi Yields

Decentralized finance, or DeFi, has quickly grown to become one of the hottest trends in the cryptosphere today. With the proliferation of decentralized exchanges, open lending platforms, yield farms, prediction markets, and a wide range of other DeFi use cases, cryptocurrency holders now have a wide array of options to turn a yield on their

Feb, 9
DeFi Platform Offshift Undergoes Makeover With New ‘PriFi’ Slogan

New DeFi platforms are popping up like there’s no tomorrow. And with a crowded market, it can be difficult to get people on board.  One Ethereum platform is revamping nearly everything — except for its actual mission — in an effort to gain more attention.  DeFi platform Offshift, which runs on Ethereum and Polkadot, today said

Feb, 8
Aave (AAVE) Overtakes UniSwap (UNI) As The Largest DeFi Crypto Token With $6 Billion Market Cap

In a massive price rally, Aave (AAVE) has surged another 12% approaching $500 levels by hitting its new all-time high. At press time, AAVE is trading 12.3% up at $489 with a market cap of $6.06 billion. With this move, AAVE has become the world’s largest DeFi crypto token surpassing giants like UniSwap (UNI). Aave,

Feb, 4
DeFi Token AAVE Shoots Over 30% to $400 With Surge In Whale Addresses, TVL Hits $5.0 Billion

Cryptocurrency DeFi token Aave (AAVE) has surged a massive 30% today moving past $400 levels today and taking its market cap closer to $5.0 billion. The recent surge in AAVE price comes as the decentralized finance (DeFi) continues to rally further. The recent surge in AAVE token comes with higher whale accumulation over the last

Feb, 1
SEC Comm’r Hester Pierce Believes Regulating DeFi Would Be Challenging

Hester Pierce, the SEC commissioner in a recent interview claimed that they are actively following the decentralized finance(DeFi) space. She assured that SEC is continuously working to ensure the nascent industry is regulated by the rule of law. However, Pierce also revealed that the SEC is finding it quite difficult to regulate the decentralized finance

Jan, 31
Orion Protocol’s Hybrid Aggregator Bridges the Gap Between CEX and DEX

Significant capital inflow has entered the crypto space in recent years, though intense competition for liquidity has left the market fragmented, with full access to the range of digital assets available a persistent issue.  As a result, users have been forced to trust large dominant exchanges with their funds to access the liquidity and trading

Jan, 30
Just In: South Korea Releases World’s First Govt. Led DeFi Research

The South Korean Ministry of Science and NCT published a research paper on DeFi today making it the first government-led DeFi research. The local report reads: “The Ministry of Science and ICT and the Korea Internet & Security Agency published the “Blockchain-based innovative financial ecosystem research paper” on January 29. This is the world’s first

Jan, 30
Strong Whale Purchases Leads to 20% Surge for DeFi Token Compound (COMP)

Just at the time when the crypto DeFi market is cooling down after a major rally earlier this week, DeFi token Compound (COMP) has made a strong surge northwards. As of writing this story, the COMP price is 22% up trading at $301 and a market cap of $1.38 billion. With this move, COMP has