#PR:Demand for Slotie Juniors skyrockets as 50,000+ buyers apply for whitelist for day 1

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The integration of decentralized apps inside the gambling industry has enabled entire betting systems to run on decentralized protocols. With the use of smart contracts that automate entire operations, it has almost revolutionized the online gambling industry. 

This brings us to Slotie NFTs. It allows users to add non-fungible tokens to slot games, allowing them to become the “house”.  After its successful launch in December, its debut collection sold out in 4 minutes. Sign up for Slotie NFTs at https://www.slotie.com/.

As the project continues to follow it’s roadmap now Slotie Juniors are coming to life. After announcing the Slotie Juniors more than 50,000 buyers applied for the whitelist spot in less than 24 hours.

Slotie NFTs

Sloties can be best described as tickets for participating in the world’s largest blockchain-based Casino network.  The maximum number of Slotie NFTs to be minted is fixed at 10,000. It grants holders access to the new world of DeFi gambling, granting them proof of ownership on the Ethereum blockchain. Sloties provide real-world benefits in over 150 Casinos worldwide.

After the launch of Slotie NFTs back in December, the project recorded over 5K of ETH trading volumes in only 25 days.  The Discord community, which initially had 70K members after the initial launch now has over 177,000 members.

Sloties Introduce Junior Sloties

Sloties has just announced the start of “breeding” Junior Sloties from February. Junior Sloties is a newly introduced collection of 10,000 NFTs. While 5000 of these NFTs will be bred by original Sloties, the other half will be sold. Sloties did not reveal the full list of utilities behind the Slotie Junior NFTs.

50,000 users applied for whitelist in 1 day

Despite this, more than 50,000 buyers have already applied for white list spots for day 1. It should be noted that whitelist spots are not guaranteed resale roles. Only some of these participants will have the opportunity to get a white list spot via a raffle.  Interested buyers can still get a guaranteed whitelist on its Discord server at https://discord.gg/slotie.

Breeding NFTs at Sloties

The term “breeding” in the context of Slotie NFTs, refers to the creation of new NFTS by existing ones. In other words, Slotie NFT owners can breed their Sloties. Users will need 2 Sloties and 1800 WATTs(the “energy” unit in the NFT world) in order to breed a Junior Slotie. The protocol provides 10 WATTS tokens daily. Users have to hold 2 Slotie NFTs for 90 days to generate enough WATTs to breed 2 Sloties.  

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