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Digital options trading on cryptocurrency

Published April 6, 2019 | Updated April 8, 2019

Digital options trading on cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a riddle to both amateur and beginner traders who find themselves just as fascinated as they are lost in this vast world of virtual currency. As a beginner, it is not uncommon to find yourself confused, overwhelmed and maybe even a little frightened of the wealth cryptocurrencies promise. The main reason for such hesitancy when trading digital currencies for most people is the lack of knowledge about cryptocurrencies. If you would like to learn more about digital options trading on cryptocurrency, read on for a better understanding.

What are Digital options?

These are trading instruments that offer up to 900% payout, high speeds, and reduced yield. When trading digital options, investors have to decide whether the price will go up or down. Traders can speculate on the price of an array of assets including currencies, indices, commodities, and stocks. The risk and profitability of each of these instruments will depend on a manually chosen strike price, which is its main distinctive feature.

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital instrument of exchange that is used for the transaction and currency savings, which is encrypted for protection. Digital currencies are ranked among the most attractive investment instruments for turning profit quickly.

Digital options trading on cryptocurrency

Before you start trading digital options on cryptocurrencies, it is crucial that you study the different types of approaches available for trading. This way, you will be able to choose the most appropriate and attractive trading strategy for investing as well as garner information on the most profitable methods for trading in the digital currency market.

Futures and Options

These financial market speculatory tools were released late in 2017 on the CBOE and CME trading platforms. Futures and Options are only accessible to a small number of investors. To work with this trading tool, you need to have access to large capital and citizenship in the USSA or a European member state.

Crypto Exchange

Digital exchanges and wallets are more accessible options for private investors to invest in cryptocurrencies. Here, trading runs on the most basic principle of digital currency trading which is buy low and sell high. Hence, the investor’s gain is the difference between the buying price of the asset and its price when sold.

The biggest issue with this tool is that due to the high activity of digital currency traders, it leads to a massive increase in growth, making it extremely expensive for the majority of traders. Only a small number of investors can afford to trade in these digital assets.

Additionally, trades set on the exchange usually come with extremely high costs like commissions placing trades, withdrawal charges and exchange spreads. Overall, these charges can go as high as 12% of the total capital invested, making it a hard loss to take.


This currency trading tool allows for trading digital currency assets online. This feature makes it extremely attractive to investors in addition to being simple and accessible. That said, it is important to understand that it also comes with its own disadvantage for investors. For starters, it has a longer retention period, which is required to earn a profit. Its contracts are based on profitability and are dependent on the asset price change.

The selection of digital currency investment tools is relatively wide. One of the most efficient and profitable tools, digital options, enables you to profit from a low-risk trade, high process liquidity, and relatively financially accessible currency trading regime.

How to trade cryptocurrency effectively with digital options?


Digital options are the most accessible and easy method for making profit trading cryptocurrencies. Here, traders receive attractive financial terms for trading, accurate indicators of the procedural effectiveness, a simple regime for earning a profit and relatively low capital risk indicator. Knowing how to trade digital options will enable you to understand the basic core of trading with this tool.

A digital option is a type of exchange contract where standard regimes for earning a profit in the currency market do not apply. With digital option trades, there is no direct acquisition of an asset. In its place, they place a time-limited position in the direction of the price movement of an asset.

In simpler terms, traders do not close a purchase or sale of the key asset, but rather uses its price rate for directional price changes. Hence, the goal of the trader is to close the trade within the right market movement and the correct time frame. When a trader makes the right prediction for a specific asset, they can make profits of up to 90%. On the other hand, if they make the wrong forecast, they can lose up to 100% of the overall rate.

How to trade effectively with digital options?

Now that you have the basic knowledge of trading digital options, the next important step is the practical application. From the info above, it is clear that this tool has a negative expectation profit signal. On average, the variation between net profit and loss when trading options are 15% for digital currency assets and can go up to 88%. Hence, excess losing positions will lead to a total loss in investment. To prevent this from happening to you, you need to adopt a smart trading strategy for prediction. There are systems in place that have the ability to cipher statistics, which can produce lucrative positions for trading up to 90% of the time.

Indicator strategies analyze the market to produce forecasts that can be applied to automatic market indicator programs. These systems assess current digital currency technical indicators to provide vital trading info for open positions on the market.

Fortunately, there are hundreds of indicators on the market which are accessible to traders.

Although trading systems yield great results, without basic knowledge of trading processes, and understanding of the digital currency market, it can be hard to grasp the complexity of trading digital options and achieving successful and stable results. Hence, take the time to expand your theoretical and practical skills before you start trading digital options of crypto is currencies.

Take advantage of your broker’s professional educational material. For instance, Iq option Bitcoin professional materials are available with open access to all traders. Only after you have gained an absolute understanding of the theoretical and technical principles for trading digital options can you maximize profitability, increase result stability and impressive trading operations of the trading market indicators.

The presented content may include the personal opinion of the author and is subject to market condition. Do your market research before investing in cryptocurrencies. The author or the publication does not hold any responsibility for your personal financial loss.
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