DueDEX Review—a Derivatives Trading Platform with 100X Leverage

By Casper Brown
Published December 4, 2019 Updated February 20, 2020
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DueDEX Review—a Derivatives Trading Platform with 100X Leverage

By Casper Brown
Published December 4, 2019 Updated February 20, 2020

Futures, forwards, options, and swaps are some of the most popular instruments in the crypto investment world. Yet, so many people find it challenging to find a good derivatives trading platform.


Many crypto trading sites are riddled with scalability issues, price manipulation, high trading fees and poor customer support. But all these problems could soon come to an end thanks to DueDEX, a fast-growing derivatives trading platform.

Armed with an order matching engine that processes 100,000 transactions per second, DueDEX has the tools and features needed to solve the pain points of many crypto traders.

  • KYC verification not required
  • Up to 100X Leverage
  • A welcome bonus of up to $70
  • Safe and secure: DueDEX supports 2FA verification, features SSL encryption and stores crypto in multi-signature cold wallets
  • Fair Price calculations: the exchange calculates trading prices based on the weighted average of top spot crypto exchanges

The crypto exchange has more features.

  • Margin trading with Bitcoin as the collateral
  • Deep liquidity: works with numerous top tier market makers to provide traders with extensive liquidity
  • Fair and transparent: the exchange offers all information traders need. Its staff can’t trade against customers and has an insurance fund to protect traders further
  • A system that tracks the underlying index prices of crypto frequently for accuracy
  • 24/7 professional customer support
  • In case DueDEX is liquidated, it will use insurance funds to aggregate market positions and attempt to close all open trades. As a last result, the exchange will use an auto-deleveraging tool to deleverage different traders.

DueDEX—A Dedicated Platform for Swaps Trading


Since its launch, DueDEX’s primary focus has been to facilitate swaps’ trading. For the uninitiated, swaps are derivative contracts that allow two traders or companies to exchange financial instruments at a pre-agreed upon price.

In perpetual contracts, however, the prices are calculated in real-time and are based on the weighted averages of a specific currency. There are four main types of swaps: interest rate, currency, commodity, and credit default swaps.

DueDEX offers currency swaps for Bitcoin and the US dollar. But unlike traditional trading, you don’t need to incur hefty fees to exchange your dollars for Bitcoin. DueDEX charges the following fees to market makers and takers.

Leverage Maker Fee Taker Fee
BTC/USD 100X -0.025% 0.075%

Market makers don’t pay trading fees because they provide liquidity to the DueDEX exchange. Instead, they receive a rebate of 0.025% for each trade.

For comparison, the top Bitcoin exchanges have the following charges for market makers and takers.

Exchange Market Maker Market Taker
Binance 0.1% (BNB) 0.02% (BNB)
Deribit -0.02% 0.05%
BitMEX -0.025% 0.075%
Okex 0.02% 0.05%

Quick Sign Up Process

  • Register an Account

Visit DueDEX’s website and register an account. It’s a simple process that involves giving out your email address and setting a strong password. You must then verify your email account by clicking a verification link. Second, you need to provide a verification code sent to your email.

You can also create an account using your phone number. It’s even simpler than email registration because you only need to provide the code sent to you by SMS.

  • Login and Claim your Bonus

Log in to your newly registered account. A tab will pop up showing you what to do to claim a welcome bonus. Typically, you need to follow the DueDEX twitter account and retweet the account’s pinned message. After that, fill up a reward to claim your $10 bonus.

  • Fund your Account

Although DueDEX enables BTC/USD trading, you can only fund your account using BTC. That’s alright, though. You get rewarded up to $60 upon completing your first deposit. If you deposit 0.05 BTC, you get $15 a bonus. You receive $30 when you top up 0.1 BTC and $60 if you deposit 0.2 BTC.

DueDEX Trading Platform—Simple for Both Beginners and Experts


Because DueDEX is a derivative trading platform, you can’t spot trade. Instead, the trading platform has ‘buy long’ and ‘sell short’ features. You can go long or short through a limit order or market order.

A limit order means you agree to buy or sell a currency in the future at a designated price. To illustrate, let’s use this example.

You believe Bitcoin will gain value from $7,300 to $8,000 by February 2020. You can enter a limit order authorizing DueDEX to sell your crypto when BTC hits $8,000. You can even use leverage to magnify your potential profits.

A market order allows you to buy or sell crypto in the future at the prevailing market prices. That way, you don’t have to wait until BTC moves up from $7,300 to $8,000. You can execute your order at your convenience.

Trading Tools

DueDEX gives traders the freedom to configure its trading platform to their liking with multiple tools and features. For starters, the platform features a public testnet through which new traders can learn how to trade crypto.

Very few trading platforms have a public testnet, which makes DuDEX one of the best platforms to learn about crypto trading. It’s also free and straightforward to use.

For experienced traders, DueDEX provides stop limit and stop market to help close positions quickly. These features are located next to the limit and market trading icons.

Seasoned traders can also benefit from the API trading feature. And being a securely built system, they can be confident third party software can’t withdraw their crypto illegally. DueDEX also supports leverage, as we mentioned. You can adjust it from 1X, 2X, 5X, 10X, or the way up to 100X.

The trading chart, on the other end, features a wide range of tools to help you tailor the platform to your needs. You can select indicators, adjust the time, or even tweak the colors displayed by candles. You can configure scales, change the background, time zone, or change fonts.

What’s more, you can use the drag and drop feature to modify your positions effortlessly. Another helpful feature lies at the bottom of the trading chart. DueDEX shows you a sneak peek of the number of positions you’ve opened, active orders, and order history.

24/7 Customer Support

DueDEX provides customer support through several channels; twitter, telegram, and email. You can always check its help guides to find answers to common problems. But if you need to communicate to DueDEX’s team, submit a request through its ticket-based system or use its social media networks.

DueDEX has an impressive social media presence with nearly 14,000 followers on Twitter. Based on reviews online, the company also serves customers professionally. What’s more, the startup provides support in multiple languages.

Profitable Affiliate Program

In addition to awarding you welcome bonuses, DueDEX gives you a chance to make money by marketing its trading product to your friends and social media fan. You receive a 30% commission for every new trader you recommend to DueDEX. And if your referred traders bring more customers, you get an extra 10% commission.


DueDEX is a derivative trading platform launched earlier this year. It’s registered in Belize but consists of a team distributed across multiple countries in the world. Although it’s not the only derivative trading exchange, its the only platform committed to “no internal trading desk” putting traders first!

Getting started on DueDEX takes fewer than ten minutes. It’s also rewarding to trade on the platform because you receive up to $70 as a bonus when you fund your account. You can only deposit using BTC, although the start has plans to support more crypto.

When it comes to creating positions, you can go long or short using a limit or market order. And because DueDEX offers perpetual contracts with no expiry dates, you close your trades at your convenience.

Sign up with DueDex today an get your 70$ bonus today!

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