What Is the Easiest Cryptocurrency to Mine in 2021?

By Stan Peterson
Published July 7, 2021 Updated July 7, 2021
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What Is the Easiest Cryptocurrency to Mine in 2021?

By Stan Peterson
Published July 7, 2021 Updated July 7, 2021

The big hype that emerged this year in digital currencies also revived discussions about which cryptocurrencies are more profitable to mine in 2021. At the same time, Bitcoin is unexpectedly not the best option. It is far from the most profitable cryptocurrency for mining, and not the most environmentally friendly, either.

The fact is, other promising cryptocurrencies are appearing and are already successfully functioning. Utopia CRP, Litecoin, and Grin are worth buying in 2021, and that’s why.

Top 3 Cryptocurrencies to mine right now

Utopia Crypton (CRP)

Utopia Crypton CRP

Crypton (CRP) is a fully decentralized and breakthrough cryptocurrency, which is the main means of payment in the Utopia P2P ecosystem.

Utopia P2P is a unique decentralized ecosystem that solves internet security problems. It ensures the anonymity and privacy of each user. It is built on a peer-to-peer network and combines separate tools for messaging, browsing, and even CRP cryptocurrency mining all in one incredibly user-friendly product with great development potential.

The CRP coin is backed by a strong project that has been created and is ready and developing. The only thing that hinders the popularization and development of the coin and the project is the lack of an ICO because the project did not receive proper attention.

However, more and more users are starting to talk about the project and share its advantages with their friends and social networks. In addition, unlike other coins, it does not require a powerful CPU, GPU, or HDD.

CRP ensures the privacy and confidentiality of all online payments, as it is free from any risk of external regulation and control. No one can influence the market rate of the CRP or take control of the Utopia network and CRP cryptocurrency or get any data about online transactions.

CRP mining is a unique way of mining eco-friendly coins right from home. For this process, you do not need to create crypto mining farms or buy expensive equipment. Instead, CRP mining requires only the internet and a working computer that meets modern performance standards.

To start mining, the user simply needs to download and register in the Utopia P2P ecosystem. Then they just need to install a special UAM bot in the Linux console on the VPS server. The bot does not affect the network operation in any way and does not slow down performance. In addition, it does not take up a large amount of memory.

However, every user can speed up the mining process if they wish by using a free server on another computer or buying an additional VPS or VDS and installing a Crypton mining bot there.

Moreover, Crypton has a program of rewards for mining in the form of your Minimum Monthly Balance. All the mined Cryptons can be sold, exchanged or withdrawn using an internal crypto exchange or any other public exchange.



Litecoin is an alternative cryptographic currency, which is a fork of Bitcoin. Litecoin is also a peer-to-peer payment system with which transactions and transfers of funds from one user to another can be carried out.

This cryptocurrency can be used to transfer funds to Bitcoins and purchase goods and pay for services at those retail outlets that officially accept payment in cryptocurrency.

According to experts, Litecoin currently has only one advantage over other cryptocurrencies – it is a quick confirmation of blocks. For Litecoin, the formation of blocks occurs in the same way as for Bitcoin. A distinctive feature is that different hash search functions are used. Litecoin uses Scrypt, and Bitcoin uses SHA-256.

Litecoin mining implies certain payments for processing a given amount of data, which, for the most part, are transactions. Processor and video card capacities are used for processing. The reward is paid when solving one block.

The main advantage over Bitcoin, which has made Litecoin popular for a long time, is the ability to mine through a computer. Today, with Bitcoin it is possible only through pools, farms or cloud mining, but with Litecoin everything is easier. The possibility of mining via a computer becomes real through a special encryption algorithm.


Grin cryptocurrency

Grin is an “anonymous blockchain” that offers “electronic transactions for everyone, without restrictions and censorship.” And this formulation is quite fair, given that the Grin network operates on the basis of the MimbleWimble protocol, which offers complete confidentiality and scalability, behind which there is a mathematically sound cryptography.

The Grin cryptocurrency is the internal currency of the project, acting as a means of transferring value between network users. As is the case with most other cryptocurrency blockchains, Grin tokens are generated as a reward for participants in the mining process.

Grin uses the Cuckoo Cycle algorithm in PoW. It is resistant to ASIC mining because it is tied to memory and can work with processors. This increases the decentralization of the network, as more people can mine the coin.

It is possible to mine on the CPU (a new processor and 8 GB of memory) and on the GPU (from 6 GB). Some pools already support the coin. It is mined using GrinGoldMiner, Bminer, and NBMiner.

You can work on Grin as a developer since it is an open-source project. The infrastructure has not been created yet, but this is still ahead.


If you think that the peak of the popularity of cryptocurrency fell in 2021, then you are mistaken. Despite the large hype of this topic on the internet now, cryptocurrency has not reached its peak popularity yet.

According to experts, cryptocurrency will truly enter the lives of users in a couple of years. And then, there will be no one left who has not heard of and used cryptocurrency at least once in their life.

So, don’t waste time and pay attention to the most promising cryptocurrencies.


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