The First HTML5 Blockchain Powered Engine Egretia EGT Is Getting Listed At KuCoin

By Guest Author
Published July 23, 2018 Updated July 23, 2018
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The First HTML5 Blockchain Powered Engine Egretia EGT Is Getting Listed At KuCoin

By Guest Author
Published July 23, 2018 Updated July 23, 2018

Among the great qualities of choosing the right blockchain asset exchanges is the line of promising tokens it includes on its platform. KuCoin has demonstrated this exceptional attribute by continuously listing unique decentralized projects. And today, they’re thrilled to announce that EGT, the native currency of Egretia, is now part of their tradable tokens.

Deposits are now available with trading pairs including EGT/BTC and EGT/ETH. Buying commence at 19:30 UTC+8 and at 20:00 for Selling/Withdrawal.

About Egretia

The Egretia game platform is a decentralized HTML5 video game distribution system. Developers can individually launch HTML5 video games and launch jobs encouraging gamers to expand video games. After completing the promo assignments, players will get digital tokens EGT as the reward. This way, developers will have the capacity to draw in many gamers, those gamers can get electronic symbols, hence building a healthy and stable ecological community.

Egretia System

The Egretia public chain will be utilizing a Delegated Proof of Stake as a consensus system. The DPoS system resembles a board ballot, where owners of coins assigned a particular number of nodes, utilizing the mechanism for confirmation as well as bookkeeping. DPoS could considerably reduce the kind of participating nodes for validation and also accounting; it will have the ability to achieve consensus verification in a second. The stability of DPoS system has been validated in BTS, EOS as well as other assignments.

The native currency Egreten EGT

The worldwide gaming market size in 2017 is over 100 billion dollars, but there isn’t a way to join different games, each game is connected to its independent market.

Egretia will implement a digital token: Egreten or EGT. Developers can easily consolidate Egreten with their games, and players can reliably and efficiently manage virtual goods trading.


Both game developers and gamers will be capable of managing Egreten digital tokens in their wallets. They accommodate users with a low-threshold, high-security digital wallet, advancing Egretia a safe payment platform for all HTML5 blockchain applications. Presently, PC, mobile, and browser versions of the wallet are being generated.


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