EOS Adoption Grows as Exchanges Target its Community

By Guest Author
Published March 20, 2019 Updated March 19, 2019
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EOS Adoption Grows as Exchanges Target its Community

By Guest Author
Published March 20, 2019 Updated March 19, 2019

While crypto enthusiasts, still in shock over last year’s ecosystem-wide price drops, are looking for signs of the next boom, more pragmatic work has been going on behind the scenes. Rather than trying to build and launch the next Bitcoin, industry developers are focused on functional ecosystems with enterprise implications and practical applications.


EOS, a powerful dApp platform with commercial scalability and the fourth most prominent digital currency by market cap, is one of the major players in this regard. With more than 200 dApps and as many as 21,000 daily users, it’s gaining serious traction.

As dApps and compelling gaming experiences are beginning to dominate the industry, there is a considerable turn toward these functional platforms, leading to EOS’ rapid growth.

Now, some crypto exchanges are helping to support this adoption. Recently, exchanges like CODEX, Bancor, and Huobi are focusing their attention on EOS users.

Startups Take Notice

CODEX, a new crypto exchange founded by AtticLab is making it easier for crypto novices and experienced investors alike to participate in the proliferation of the decentralized era.

AtticLab is also a block producer on EOS, and they are a significant player in its ecosystem. Therefore, it’s no surprise to find its exchange providing benefits for EOS community members and users.

Launching in December 2018, CODEX has a growing user base, and their product development, which is especially prescient for EOS users, seeks to further the industry’s bridge between crypto enthusiasts and their favorite platforms.

For EOS users, CODEX offers several infrastructure solutions. For instance, users can generate free EOS wallets. In addition, the exchange has launched the EOS CPU Aid Campaign, which provides support to EOS users who actively use EOS dApps but who also want to trade EOS tokens. The program allows registered CODEX users to request a delegation of 50 EOS tokens worth of CPU, so users don’t have to choose between participating in the dApp economy and trading EOS tokens.

While CODEX seemingly seems an EOS-oriented exchange alone, it has other blockchain projects in mind as well. For example, it is planning to launch an open-source USDT wallet, based on Omni blockchain.

With a rewarding loyalty program for daily users, trade mining features and a multi-stage security audit, EU-regulated CODEX is working hard to prove its worth in the eyes of the crypto community as a whole and EOS users more specifically.

Established Exchanges Shift Their Emphasis

Of course, startups aren’t the only platforms focused on EOS users. In December 2018, Huobi Group announced plans to launch an EOS-dedicated exchange in early 2019. The new exchange will deploy a Distributed Proof of Stake consensus method while allowing EOS users to trade tokens against a variety of altcoins.

The initiative is being undertaken by Huobi Pool, the group’s crypto mining division, and according to the company’s CEO, Cao Fei, “As an EOS supernode, Huobi Pool has placed its ecological development high on its list of priorities…Launching this EOS exchange is simply the next logical step in our support.”

Meanwhile, BancorX, a platform derivative of the popular Bancor exchange, allows users to move seamlessly between Ethereum and EOS-based assets. This cross-blockchain functionality is intended to make blockchain ecosystems more collaborative and practical, something that is defining the next generation of decentralized development.

While many pundits are spending their time looking for the next Bitcoin, crypto enthusiasts know that the decentralized era is about more than just “to the moon” prices. It’s about real-world use and usability, something that dApp platforms are working hard to produce. With CODEX, Huobi, and Bancor, building products to facilitate this ecosystem, the future looks more functional than ever before.  

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