EOS Outperforming Tron in Game dApp Battle, Weiss Ratings

By Anjali Tyagi
Published February 5, 2019 Updated March 4, 2019
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EOS Outperforming Tron in Game dApp Battle, Weiss Ratings

By Anjali Tyagi
Published February 5, 2019 Updated March 4, 2019

Tron has a strong Dapp game, but EOS is beating Tron at it, a point Weiss Ratings drives home for “people shilling Tron.” EOS has also taken over the reins from Ethereum and is ruling the Dapp ecosystem.

EOS Beating Tron at Dapp Game


Tron has been working hard on beating Ethereum, the third largest cryptocurrency, in terms of Dapp ecosystem and network growth. Tron has been able to outdo Ethereum, however, when it comes to Dapps, EOS has been rather outperforming Tron.

Weiss ratings took to Twitter to remind this piece of information to Tron enthusiasts,

According to the data provided by Dapp Radar, EOS’s PRA Candy Box is on number one position as per 24-hours users at 7.3k. Among top 10, at the time of writing, EOS had four of its Dapps while Tron has 6. In top 50, EOS has 25 while Tron 22 and the remaining 2 belongs to Ethereum.

Meanwhile, when it comes to 24-hours volume, Tron is at the top with its Dapp TRONbet registering $5.7 million volume and Dice of EOS is at 2nd position with the 24-hours volume of $4.2 million. However, the volume of the past 7 days of Dice is $45.7 million in comparison to TRONbet’s $34.1 million.

Source: https://dappradar.com/rankings

As per 24-hours volume, eight of the EOS Dapps are in the top 10 while Tron has only 2. Also, the majority of these Dapps with barely a few exceptions belongs to the gambling category.

In its last report, Diar had pointed just this out,

“There is a clear group levitating towards the two new blockchains – gamblers. Of the $5.5Bn already transacted on EOS, 70% go towards gambling dapps. This number is over 95% for Tron.”

EOS has Taken over the Reins from ETH

Diar had further pointed out that EOS has rather taken the charge of Dapp ecosystem evident from the stats.

“After raising, purportedly, a whopping $4.2Bn in a token distribution sale, EOS in 8-months has taken over the reigns from Ethereum accounting for nearly 50% of US Dollar traded volume on Decentralized Applications (Dapps) since the platform’s launch.

As of January this year, to date, EOS Dapps are accounting for 55%, Tron 38% leaving Ethereum applications with a mere 6% of total on-chain USD volume.”

The chart is the total for DAU per month where DAU has been calculated on the unique addresses that have interacted with the blockchain on a specific given day.

Currently, at 4th position as per market cap of $2.17 billion as per Coinmarketcap, EOS is trading in the green by 0.05 percent at $2.40.

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