Why EPAY-X Is The Easiest and Best Payment Platform in The World?

By Guest Author
Published November 25, 2019 Updated November 25, 2019
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Why EPAY-X Is The Easiest and Best Payment Platform in The World?

By Guest Author
Published November 25, 2019 Updated November 25, 2019

EPAY-X Payment System – The main focus of the EPAY-X company is supplying optimal payment solutions. EPAY-X PAYMENT SYSTEM LTD services have been used by customers in over 100 countries. EPAY-X is the best payment tool choice, created by e-commerce business and Internet professionals. Thanks to EPAY-X PAYMENT SYSTEM LTD services, you can pay for services on the Internet. For example, processing your employee salaries, receiving payments, and paying for purchases by card. EPAY-X also has an independent investment manager for staff that can provide trust management services for your investments. 

New Payment Systems 

EPAY-X has a payment system that is very convenient as well as a display that is very simple and easy to use. Here, you can conduct transactions with other EPAY-X users through the “internal transfer” page. EPAY-X uses USD as its main currency. For conducting transfers to other EPAY-X users, you only need the user name or correspondent wallet of the recipient. 

Refilling balances 

EPAY-X has an extraordinary refill option. You can refill a balance with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Perfect Money, Payeer, and Bank Transfer. However, for the bank transfer option, you must already be verified. All refill transactions will automatically convert to USD, even if you choose the option to refill using Bitcoin or Litecoin. These will all automatically convert to USD at the appropriate exchange rate at the time of the transaction. 

Prepaid Bank Cards 

EPAY-X also provides prepaid bank card services. You can use an EPAY-X card in any country throughout the world. You can withdraw cash into local currencies as well as conduct purchases on the Internet or in brick-and-mortar stores. When you use the bank card, transactions will be displayed on your bank card statement as ALW *4012212332epay-x.com. When you use the bank card, this refund policy will be applied. If a 

user succeeds in finishing the verification procedure and funds are credited to their wallet, the card transaction cannot be refunded. 

Money Management Services (Trust) 

Here, you can also entrust your money to EPAY-X for investment. The percentage of profits depends on the fluctuations of the global market. If you are interested, you need only to go to our “Trust” page. 

There are 2 investment options there: you can choose Forex or Cryptocurrency. If you choose Forex, you will be given a due date of 365 days or 1 year. However, if you choose Cryptocurrency, you will only be given a due date of 185 days or about 6 months. 

Prize Program 

You also need to know that EPAY-X has a prize system for users. The prize system will apply when you have successfully invited someone else to join and conduct transactions on EPAY-X. The prize itself depends on how many transactions have been conducted by the people you have invited and registered through your referral link. 

EPAY-X offers a 10% prize of transaction fees that have been conducted by the people you have invited.

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