Ethereum Gas Price Volatility Reveals Ponzi Scam – Will it Affect ETH Price?

Published October 2, 2019 | Updated October 2, 2019

Ethereum [ETH] Price Just Crosses $240 – Is Ethereum Dapp Bet the Reason Behind Rally
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Ethereum Gas Price Volatility Reveals Ponzi Scam – Will it Affect ETH Price?

Ethereum [ETH] Gas fees equivalent to mining fees in Bitcoin surprisingly rose above its trend beginning September. While it was seen as a positive indicator at first, a recent report by Glassnode reveals that FairWin, a Ponzi scheme was clogging the network.

FairWin, an Ethereum based gambling app has emptied their contract balance since the news of the vulnerabilities in the Dapps rose. The total Gas price of Ethereum also plunged to levels before the fall.

ethereum gas price
Ethereum Gas Price Chart (Source)

The FairWin contract balance of 54,894 ETH worth $9.6 million has been distributed to several accounts.

Recent reports reveal that ‘daily gas shares for FairWin peaked at 49.9% on Sept 21st.’

The price of Ethereum is dependent on a lot of other factors apart from on-chain activity. Moreover, the volatility in gas prices has had a weak influence on ETH.

Ethereum [ETH] Price Analysis

Ether [ETH] has been bearish like most altcoins for the last couple of months. It bounced after testing the breakout levels at $165 to $220 in September. However, the downtrend continued after that.

The price of ETH at 5: 30 hours UTC on 2nd October 2019 is $174. In an uptrend, it expects to face resistance from the 50-EMA at $191.

Crypto-trader Escobar noted that he was bullish in the long term on ETH. He predicted a target of $482 on December 2019. Escobar’s tweet,

1D TF- Macro. Bullish on ETH

ETH/USD Price Analysis (Source: Twitter)

Nevertheless, for swing traders, Ethereum can be expected to record a new low. Crypto-trader Sawcruhteez suggested that Ethereum failed to confirm the bullish inverse ‘head and shoulder’ pattern and has broken below trend on the Bitcoin scale. He expects strong support in the 0.019-0.02 BTC range. However, a break below it could be detrimental.

ETH/BTC 4-Hour Chart on Binance (TradingView)

Bitcoin’s price movements have greatly influenced the Ether [ETH] price in 2019. BTC is currently facing resistance from the 200-Day MA. It rejected its break-out attempt last day with a reversal at $8530.

Do you think Ethereum will record new yearly highs this year? Please share your analysis with us. 

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