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Ethereum Beats EOS & Tron to Emerge as Top Smart Contract Platform in April


The first smart contract platform Ethereum has proven its worth in the industry by emerging as the top smart contract platform by far in the month of April. The project attracted a total of 263,000 visitors within the month whose total transaction volume amounted to over $500 million.


Ethereum leads in both aspects

Transaction volumes of smart contract platforms

Ethereum recorded the highest transaction volume and number of visitors as well, followed by EOS which had a transaction volume of $115 million and a number of visitors at 68,000. Apart from these two, there is no more consistency in the two metrics. For instance, ADA had the next highest transaction volume of $113 million but with a much lower number of visitors at only 8,000 than it runner up, TRX. TRX, on the other hand, had a lower transaction volume of $27 million but a significantly higher number of visitors (68,000) than EOS.

The inconsistency also follows for NEO with a relatively high transaction volume of $26 million with only 4,000 visitors, XEM with $12 million transaction volume and only 9,000 visitors while ETC had only $10 million with 14,000 visitors.

The implication of differences in transaction volumes

The statistics show that Ethereum was by far the preferred smart contract platform within the month, beating its first runner up (EOS) by nearly $400 million in transaction volume. For ADA, a small number of visitors (8,000) carried out significantly high-value transactions which placed in it the third place while TRX needed a relatively large number of visitors for the relatively small volume that placed it in the third place. This means the transaction volume of smart contract platforms is not determined by the number of visitors but rather by how much their transactions are worth.

Although Tron’s Justin Sun often bragged about his platform surpassing Ethereum, the latest data suggests otherwise as Ethereum is clearly the preferred platform both by the number of visitors and their transaction volumes. Ethereum may be regaining its popularity and position as the lead smart contract platform and who knows? It may be why Sun wants to collaborate with it.


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