Eutaria Sets Up $1 In-Game Asset For A Long Time Gaming Economy

By Casper Brown
Published December 7, 2021 Updated December 10, 2021
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Eutaria Sets Up $1 In-Game Asset For A Long Time Gaming Economy

By Casper Brown
Published December 7, 2021 Updated December 10, 2021

People who play Eutaria, an off-chain P2E firm based on BSC, earn EUT. Eutaria has set up a $1 in-game money to keep the gaming economy going for a long time. To get BNB at no cost, Eutaria will let players do things like in-game academics, euratize, and explore taverns in the game. Eutaria will also make it easy for players to earn and convert their wins to BNB at no extra cost.

The token holders of Eutaria have been given a new source of passive revenue. The company requires players to have some of its tokens to activate unique play-to-earn features. Users of Eutaria will earn in-game currency that is almost as valuable as the US currency.

Profits made on the Binance Smart Chain may be easily converted into BNB. The introduction of the Eutaria Token (EUT) and the pleasure potion (PP) has been announced. EUT will not use any in-game tokens or awards. Eutaria may be used by merely holding it. One PP is worth one dollar in the game. A BNB and a gas charge may be used at the Eutaria in-game shop. Purchases of Eutarians, caverns, and taverns may also be made using PP.

Eutaria’s incentive system is likewise well-balanced. Off-chain transactions will be provided to remedy the industry’s lack of a sustainable and distantly balanced incentive structure. Gas prices aren’t a concern, thanks to this novel strategy.

Players may claim PP at any moment using in-game currency. Players may switch to BNB for free, thanks to Eutaria’s new monthly airdrop incentive program. Even still, Eutaria will charge a 10% fee on all PP claims, which will be added to the rewards fund.

It is a mental challenge to match a Eutarian — an in-game component that may be obtained via the purchase of PP or the breeding of Eutarians that are compatible.

Each set’s awards and time are determined solely by the difficulty setting. Profits are reduced by 25 percent in Easy Mode compared to 25 percent in Hard Mode, as an example.

Another fascinating notion is the Eutaria Scholarship Program. The play-to-earn ecosystem allows management to allocate Eutarians to academics who do not require to possess EUT to play. Adding a scholar’s address is needed to get 1 PPP per scholar by the managers. 



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