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Jun 07 2022

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Blockchain 4 Gaming – Exploring the Relationship between Blockchain and Gaming

Gaming has evolved and come a long way since its inception. Blockchain-based gaming is the latest trend that is taking the ever-changing world of gaming and e-sports by storm. The decentralised nature of blockchain eliminates intermediaries to empower the players as the decision-making authority. This is one of the reasons many brands and companies are exploring the possibilities of blockchain gaming. One of the biggest events in blockchain gaming happens to be Blockchain 4 Gaming. As Poland is a global hub for the gaming industry and houses more than 470 game development studios, it is the perfect location for hosting such an event.

Introducing Blockchain 4 Gaming

Blockchain 4 Gaming conducted by BSV Blockchain is an event that exclusively focuses on blockchain-based gaming on 7th June 2022 at eSport Spot in Warsaw, Poland. The event will feature a line-up of speakers which includes gaming experts from around the world from Haste Arcade, PowChess, FYX Gaming, and HandCash in addition to Bitcoin Association speakers. Attendees will be treated to top tips and knowledge from industry experts, explaining the shift towards blockchain in the gaming world.

What will the event cover?

Blockchain 4 Gaming is a dynamic event that aims to explore the possibilities of blockchain-based gaming. The event is powered by BSV blockchain, which is fast carving out a reputation for itself due to its powerful technical capabilities, rapid growth, and massive scaling, making it the ideal platform for blockchain-based gaming. The event will feature the following concepts:

  • The potential of gaming NFTs powered by BSV blockchain
  • Why BSV blockchain is one of the best choices for micropayments and NFTs
  • Cryptofights, which is a new way to play and earn
  • The world’s first platform for instant player pay-outs called Haste Arcade and Haste API
  • PowChess, which is a use case for BSV and the only chess server with a play-to-earn model
  • HandCash wallet and HandCash connect for security spending and earning in the Metaverse

The event will focus on how important scaling is and how blockchain is critical for gaming e-sports applications. It will also focus on micropayments, data management, data integrity, tokenisation, smart contracts, IoT devices, computation, and other technical capabilities of blockchain technology. As an event organised by BSV blockchain, the organisation will also discuss its use cases for gaming and e-sports.

Speakers at Blockchain 4 Gaming

  • The event hosted by BSV blockchain will include speakers from varied backgrounds.
  • Joe DePinto, Co-Founder & CMO, Haste
  • Adam Kling, CEO, and Founder, FYX Gaming, Inc.
  • Patrick Prinz, Switzerland Managing Director, BSV Blockchain Association
  • MarcinZarakowski, Chief of Staff, BSV Blockchain Association
  • MarcinRzetecki, Technical Outreach Specialist(TOS), BSV Blockchain Association
  • Alex Agut, Spain Co-founder and CEO, HandCash

The event is free for developers, publishers, and investors interested in blockchain-based gaming and eSports, with a limited number of tickets available.

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About Blockchain 4 Gaming

Blockchain 4 Gaming is a one-day blockchain-focused gaming conference that aims to bring together entrepreneurs, industry experts, and blockchain enthusiasts to showcase the ability and advantages of BSV blockchain.

Jun 07 2022
Jun 07 2022