DeFiCon 2022

Aug 11 - 12 2022


DeFiCon 2022, DeFiCon,

DeFiCon – Promoting the Peer-to-peer Cryptocurrency Ethos

In the context of cryptocurrencies, the term P2P or peer-to-peer refers to the exchange of cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. This requires the use of encryption, where blockchain technology enables two parties to safely conduct a transaction without the involvement of a third party. As the acceptance and adoption of cryptocurrencies have increased, more and more cryptocurrency traders are moving towards P2P exchanges, leaving behind the relative ease of centralized exchanges such as Coinbase and Binance.

The global DeFi, cryptocurrency and NFT communities of the world consist of various participants. While we only think of profit maximalists, degens, gamblers, and Ponzi apes as the only participants, there are many creative innovators present as well. The ecosystem thrives on participation, accessibility, and creativity. DeFiCon is one such event that wants to highlight the importance of the overall peer-to-peer ecosystem and all the participants taking part.

Explaining DeFiCon

DeFiCon is a non-profit conference which focuses on the peer-to-peer crypto ecosystem. The main aim of the conference is to shift the focus from profiteering to maximising the experience for attendees. DeFiCon has decided to donate all proceeds above the event’s cost to charity. The event aims to generate some value that will inspire both new participants as well as those already familiar with decentralised finance. Attendees will have a chance to hear from some of the top protocols, investors, activists, creators, builders and other professionals in the space.

With less than 90 days to go, the event is scheduled to be held from August 11th to August 12th 2022 at BUSHWICK BROOKLYN (599 Johnson Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237). The day-by-day schedule for the event is yet to be announced.

Speakers at the Event

The speakers of the event consist of VPs, founders, co-founders, partners, executives, CEOs and other high-profile names in the community including the following:

  • Daniel Simerman, IOTA
  • James Carlyle, Obscuro
  • Rob Benhke, Halborn
  • Daigan Reid, Vega
  • Brent Xu, Umee
  • Jason Gottlieb, MorrisonCohen
  • Matt Homer, Nyca
  • Carter Woetzel, Secret Network
  • Seraphim Czecker, Euler Finance
  • Francesco Castella, U.S. House of Representatives
  • Conor Carney, U.S. House of Representatives
  • winny.eth, Shillr
  • Ayesha Kiani, LedgerPrime
  • Ed Mehrez, Arrow Markets
  • MirzaUddin, Injective Protocol
  • Bailey Reutzel, Multi-Media Crypto Journalist
  • Nina Knox, TokenPlaceLedgerScore
  • Cole Kennelly,Volme
  • Hester Peirce Commissioner, SEC
  • JazGulati, REN
  • StaniKulechov, AAVE
  • Kieran Mesquita, Railgun
  • Alex Machinsky, Celsius
  • Denis Lam, Vera
  • Dylan, Railgun
  • Dan Spuller, The Blockchain Association
  • Bea O’Carroll, Radkl
  • All Seeing Seneca, Bored Ape Yacht Club
  • Wartull, Olympus
  • Jeff Extor, Olympus

The two-day event will feature some of the highlights of the Decentralised finance with some notable sponsors to be announced later. To get a more detailed look at the event, visit here

About DeFiCon.NYC

DeFiCon is a non-profit conference which has the vision of elevating the ethos of P2P crypto, decentralised finance and NFTs. The 2022 edition of the event is scheduled for August 11-12, 2022 at BUSHWICK BROOKLYN and will feature numerous executives, VPs, VCs, CEOs, entrepreneurs and visionaries. Details about sponsors and tickets are to be revealed later.

Aug 11 - 12 2022
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Aug 11 - 12 2022