ETH Seattle 2022

Jul 08 2022


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Ethereum has been one of the biggest and most traded cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin. The Ethereum network shows more promise than Bitcoin due to its real-world use cases. This is mainly due to the Ethereum network supporting the development and creation of new applications on its infrastructure by anybody. The popularity of NFTs is an example of one such new use case. Almost every month, major Ethereum events around the world take place, providing an opportunity for more people to learn about the Ethereum community and its technology. One such upcoming event is ETH Seattle 2022.

Exploring ETH Seattle 2022

ETH Seattle is an upcoming Ethereum-focused, one-day, in-person conference that will shed light on the vast potential of Ethereum. This one-day-only conference is set to focus entirely on networking, the potential of the technology as well as new projects in the ecosystem. With a multitude of speakers scheduled for the event, ETH Seattle 2022 will cover different topics and subjects, addressing them at different levels of the technology’s comprehension among attendees.

The event is scheduled for July 8th, 2022 at 731 Westlake Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109. It is organized by Dystopia Labs, a company that has already organized several IRL hackathons, summits, and invite-only retreats for speakers & core community members. Dystopia Labs is a startup studio that is run by marketers, designers, and technologists. It helps engineers build viable decentralized businesses by identifying knowledge gaps, sharing case studies, and developing operational strategies.

What to expect at ETH Seattle 2022

At ETH Seattle 2022, there are multiple side events, meet-ups, organizing panels, quality time opportunities, and networking opportunities. The entire event will be a moment that will include comprehensive and in-depth conversations and gatherings for educational purposes.

The main aim of the event is to meet with creators, learn about new businesses and evaluate the state of Web3 technology. The event is expected to draw a multitude of attendees who will be treated to speakers from varied backgrounds such as :

  • Haseeb Qureshi from Dragonfly Capital
  • Vanessa Grellet from Aglaé Ventures
  • Derek Alia from Futureswap
  • Roman Semenov from Token MultiSender
  • Julien Bouteloup from Curve Finance
  • Madhur Shrimal from Coinbase
  • Ben Thalman from Figment
  • Kory Hoang from Stably
  • Bryan Gross
  • Yan Michalevsky
  • Paul Gambill
  • Ben Thalman
  • Sreeram Kannan

Many other speakers are to be announced later.

Sponsors for the event include 1Inch Exchange, Figment, Raid Guild, Mask, Protocol Labs, Blocknative, Harmony, Ellipti, Stacks, Rarible, Skale, Rally, Nori, and CryptoSat.

Registrations at the event require an official email address along with a correct ETH address.

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About ETH Seattle 2022

ETHSeattle 2022 is an upcoming Ethereum-based event that is aimed at spreading awareness regarding the Ethereum ecosystem. The event caters to developers, creators and crypto-enthusiasts.

Jul 08 2022
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Jul 08 2022