ETHNewYork 2022

Jun 24 - 26 2022

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ETHGlobal is known as a community effort that has facilitated the onboarding of thousands of developers to the Ethereum ecosystem. It has scheduled 6 in-person events across the globe with more than 10 online hackathons. With the attention increasing on Ethereum, a multitude of developers, users, hobbyists, creators, artists, and market makers have started joining the ecosystem. Hackathons helped in the creation of some great projects on the Ethereum blockchain. During hackathons, teams can experience decentralized node infrastructure that scales with their project automatically.

What is ETHNewYork 2022?

ETHNewYork is an upcoming Ethereum-focused event that aims to bring some of the top minds and experts in Ethereum on the same platform. The event is open to all beginners and veterans of the Web3 world and Ethereum ecosystem. There will be special treats for those who have experience with Web2 technologies and are interested to make the transition to Web3. The event will make the return of ETHGlobal to NYC since the last ETHNewYork took place in 2019. It is scheduled from June 24th to June 26th and will feature an exciting lineup of speakers.

At ETHNewYork, attendees will have the support of the huge Ethereum community at large consisting of experts, mentors, sponsors, and developer advocates who share the common goal of building a better-decentralized internet.

Speakers and Judges at ETHNewYork

ETHNewYork will feature some experts and enthusiasts from different backgrounds to share their experiences with the audience.
Shayan Eskandari from Ether Capital

  • Akshi Federici from Kraken Ventures
  • Chad Fowler from BlueYard
  • David Greenstein from Sound
  • Austin Griffith from the Ethereum Foundation
  • Maggie Love from SheFi
  • Simona Pop from
  • Lane Rettig from Spacemesh
  • Sam Richards from Ethereum Foundation
  • Julia Rosenberg from Orca Protocol
  • Nima Vaziri from Polychain Capital
  • Kain Warwick from Synthetix
  • Linda Xie from Scalar Capital
  • Joyce Yang from Global Coin Research
  • Alisha.eth from ENS
  • Kydo from Llama

Partners for the event include Optimism, Wallet Connect, Valist, Skale Network, Tatum, Worldcoin, Livepeer, 1inch Exchange, OpenSea, Filecoin, Dydx, Covalent, Swivel Finance, Connext, and many others.

Hackathon at ETHNewYork

Registration for the Hackathon will begin in the first hours of June 24th and are divided into different categories with a total prize pool of $500,000

  • SKALE Network – $20,000
  • Livepeer – $20,000
  • Worldcoin – $20,000
  • Tatum – $20,000
  • OpenSea – $20,000
  • IPFS & Filecoin – $20,000
  • dYdX Grants – $20,000
  • Coinbase Wallet – $10,000
  • Valist – $10,000
  • Covalent – $10,000
  • Superfluid – $10,000
  • UMA – $10,000
  • The Graph – $10,000
  • Gnosis Safe – $10,000
  • Threshold – $10,000
  • Skynet – $10,000
  • Unlock – $5,000

Participants are allowed only to start the projects from scratch and not use preexisting projects. They can, however, familiarise themselves with the tools beforehand.

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About ETHNewYork

ETHNewYork 2022 is an upcoming Ether-focused event that aims to gather blockchain experts in the Ethereum ecosystem together on one platform.

Jun 24 - 26 2022
ETH Global
Jun 24 - 26 2022
ETH Global