Mainnet 2022

Sep 21 - 23 2022


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In the context of blockchain, a Mainnet is the end product of a blockchain project which is open for public use. A mainnet is subject to alteration by projects or open-source groups if they determine that it needs revisions. This is the inspiration behind the naming of Messari’s annual crypto industry event. As a company that acts as an online database for the crypto industry, Messari is ideal for hosting an event that provides data insights, research, and growth opportunities for the crypto industry.

Mainnet 2022 hosted by Messari

Mainnet 2022 is an immersive, agenda-driven crypto-summit, annually held by Messari. The event offers attendees a chance to collaborate and network with some of the industry’s biggest names. This year’s event is scheduled from September 21-23, 2022 at Pier 36 on the East Side of Manhattan. While budgets and target audiences may vary, Messari is keen on meeting sponsors’ needs and promoting optimal engagement with all stakeholders by offering customization in their packages.

The Mainnet 2022 event is expected to host more than 4000 attendees, more than 200 projects, and more than 250 speakers for three days of future-focused collaboration, programming, and networking with some of the biggest leaders, operators, and investors in the cryptocurrency world. Some of the areas of focus for the event would include Proof of Work (PoW), Proof of Stake (PoS), lightning Demos, Testnet Environments, open source sessions, and mainnet matchmaking.

Sponsors and speakers for the event

Sponsors are divided into diamond, bronze platinum, gold, and silver categories. Some of the major sponsors from each category are mentioned below.

  • Gold – Foundry, Stellar Development Foundation
  • Silver – Ankr, BlockFi, The HBAR Foundation, Block Daemon
  • Platinum – DeFiChain
  • Diamond – Burrata, Ignite
  • Bronze – Bitstamp, Centrifuge, The Giving Block

The Speakers at Mainnet 2022 will feature some of the best thought leaders, creators, and disruptors speaking live on stage to present their ideas. Some of the speakers of Mainnet 2022 include the following.

  • Adam Jackson from Braintrust
  • Andrew Durgee from Republic Crypto
  • AnettRolikova from Ethereum Magicians
  • Angela Dalton from Signum Growth Capital
  • Barney Mannerings from Vega
  • Catherine Atterbury from Kaiko
  • Chiente Hsu from ALEX (Bitcoin DeFi protocol)
  • Corey Miller from dYdX

Registration at Mainnet 2022

There are two types of tickets available for Mainnet 2022 – Innovator, which is available right now, and Early Adopter, which will start sales from May 31st. Both the tickets will guarantee holders access to –

  • All sessions on the main floor
  • The expo, onsite activations, and networking
  • Opening night reception on September 20th
  • All session recordings

The innovator ticket is priced at $1500 while the early adopter ticket is priced at $1800.

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About Mainnet 2022

Mainnet is an immersive, agenda-setting annual summit and conference held by Messari. It hopes to offer investors, developers, entrepreneurs, and newcomers an opportunity to experience learning, collaboration, networking, and breakthrough ideas in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Sep 21 - 23 2022
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Sep 21 - 23 2022