The NFT Connect Event

Jun 06 - 08 2022

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2022 Austin NFT Conference

NFTs or non-fungible tokens have taken the world by storm since 2021. They have singlehandedly ushered in the digital art revolution while becoming one of the fastest-growing asset classes in recent times. NFTs have enabled anyone to create unique digital assets and sell them freely. However, their use has extended to include keys to digital communities, tradable game assets, and ownership of usernames and assets in the Metaverse.

Austin, Texas has made headlines over the last couple of years as the best destination for venture capitalists and startup founders to set up their businesses. The city was traditionally known for its software businesses at one point. Presently, however, the city is home to some of the biggest companies from new growing sectors including crypto/web3, real estate tech, CPG, and insurance technology. Quite naturally the blockchain and cryptocurrency world is also starting to take notice. The 2022 Austin NFT Conference is one of the events which aim to showcase the ever-changing world of crypto, NFTs, DeFi, and related technologies.

Welcoming all to the NFT Connect Event – 2022 Austin NFT Conference

The 2022 Austin NFT Conference is upcoming, must-attend crypto and NFT-focused event organized by NFT Connect. The event aims to gather some of the brightest minds and impactful voices in the crypto and NFT world under a single platform. Attendees will get a chance to experience an in-depth view of blockchain, crypto ecosystems, Web3 technology, and the Metaverse.

The event is scheduled to begin on June 6th to 8th, 2022 at Marriott Austin Downtown Austin, TX. Attendees will get to hear from some of the most sought-after thought leaders through a series of keynotes, exclusive panels, workshops, and networking opportunities.

Speakers and Sponsors of 2022 Austin NFT Conference

The speakers for the event come from varied backgrounds and industries. Some of the big names scheduled to give speeches and presentations at the event include the following.

  • George Gebran from FOMO
  • Katie Chonacas, an NFT Community Builder
  • Victoria Fuller, from Gatefold Labs
  • Colin Wiebe from Starwire
  • CYNTHIA OVERTON, a Web3 Inclusion Innovator
  • Melanie Anderson from Honey Radio
  • Tim Judge from Host Bee Social TV
  • Soniya Ahuja from Orbis86
  • Aviva David from MetaEarth
  • Becky Livitnichouk from MetaEarth
  • Garnett Campbell from Starwire
  • Vince Wicker, a web3 Editor
  • RAY PEPITO from Bee Social TV and Collabify
  • Lucas Bean, a web3 Innovator Advisor
  • Tyler Stockfield, a web3 Innovator
  • Alex Wagner, Quantum Society

The official platinum sponsors for the event include Socialbees, GoatsDAO, Anime Limited, IU Pixel, Wego Battle, M2cash, Opeslayer, and Collabify.

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About 2022 Austin NFT Conference

The 2022 Austin NFT Conference is an upcoming cryptocurrency and blockchain-focused event that focuses on varied topics such as finance, investing, as well as NFTs, DeFi, Regulation, Web3, and the Metaverse. The event is expected to be attended by thousands of attendees, who are looking forward to critical debates, inspiring dialogues, and hard-hitting conversations.

Jun 06 - 08 2022
NFT Connect
Jun 06 - 08 2022
NFT Connect