Blockchain Oracle Summit

Jun 07 - 09 2022

Blockchain Oracle Summit, Oracle Summit, Blockchain Oracle Summit 2022

Blockchain Oracle Summit – Experience the Future with Blockchain

Over the past several years, blockchain technology has been thought of as something more than just the technology underpinning cryptocurrencies. Industry leaders and visionaries have started recognizing the potential of blockchain to be used in various industries such as healthcare, insurance, voting, welfare benefits, gambling, and artist royalties. As we move forward into the future, any organization or industry will benefit greatly if they move their operations onto a blockchain-based platform. The attention that blockchain is receiving is more than apparent with the number of blockchain-focused events happening all over the world. The Blockchain Oracle Summit is one such example.

Introducing the Blockchain Oracle Summit

The Blockchain Oracle Summit focuses on the oracle, the transmitters of truth on a blockchain. The event aims to highlight growth in the oracle space by bringing together builders, users and investors. Any efforts to scale oracles to meet growing demand include special attention towards maintaining costs, decentralization, trust and other factors. Blockchains which are immutable require the most robust of oracles.
The summit will provide a platform that will facilitate more cooperation and partnerships between different oracle projects, encouraging innovation and rapid adoption among potential end-users. The only way this can be achieved is through high value and small-scale summits. The event is scheduled to be held from June 7th through June 9th, 2022 in Berlin.

Speakers at the Blockchain Oracle Summit

With tickets limited to 200, the Blockchain Oracle Summit aims to bring people from all corners of the oracle ecosystem, with an exciting lineup of speakers featuring:

  • Nicholas Fett, Tellor
  • Hart Lambur, UMA
  • ShamilKhalilov,
  • SašaMilić, API3
  • Connor Martin, Uniswap Labs
  • Niklas Kunkel, MakerDAO
  • Laurence Kirk,
  • Michael Bentley, Euler
  • Rick Pardoe,Liquity
  • ShayanEskandari, Ether Capital
  • Derek Alia, Futureswap
  • Alexander Coenegrachts, Kaiko
  • Alex Coseru, Ocean Protocol
  • Hilmar Orth, Gelato Network
  • Dylan Dewdney, Kylin Network

Oracle partners for the event include Kylin Network, and Tellor. Other sponsors for the event include the likes of Quantstamp, Euler, OVIX, Letzblock, European blockchain association, Cryptoslate, cryptonews, forkast, CryptoEvents, Blockcast and others.

What attendees will get at the Blockchain Oracle Summit

The event is aiming to connect enthusiasts who are excited about the potential of oracle technology. They have invited a small group of speakers and attendees from all around the world, providing them with the tools to better understand this technology. Thus, the Blockchain Oracle Summit is for anyone looking to work, network or do business with people and entities working at the forefront of blockchain technology. The founders, CTOs and tech leads of some of the most exciting DeFI projects will be at the event.

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About the Blockchain Oracle Summit

The Blockchain Oracle Summit is a place for all different people enthusiastic about oracles to connect. The event will consist of a close-knit group of speakers and attendees all excited to explore the potential of oracles and blockchain technology. Speakers include some of the biggest founders, CTOs and tech leads in the DeFi space.

Jun 07 - 09 2022
Blockchain Oracle Summit
Jun 07 - 09 2022
Blockchain Oracle Summit