BRG 2022

Nov 08 - 09 2022


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Blockchain Revolution Global 2022

Blockchain technology is widely considered the second era of the internet, transforming a platform for communicating information into a platform for transacting value. Blockchain allows users to securely transact anything of value using cryptography, collaboration, and some clever code. This can include anything of value such as votes, data, stocks, money, and others. Increased attention is now on blockchain technology all over the world.

What is Blockchain Revolution Global 2022?

Blockchain Revolution Global 2022 is a blockchain-focused event that focuses on gathering blockchain enterprise international representatives under one platform. With the main stage in Toronto, Canada, and multiple live nodes around the world, the event is expected to be a blockbuster in the world of finance and blockchain. The two-day program consists of 4 stages with more than 600 participants in Toronto and more than 300 participants with the nodes expected. Blockchain Revolution Global 2022 will inspire, educate and prepare leaders for the upcoming blockchain revolution.

This is the third edition of the event, after huge successes in the inaugural Blockchain Revolution Global (BRG) in 2019 and the second edition in 2020 which attracted over 1500 executives from some of the globe’s leading enterprises alongside foremost leaders, thinkers, and practitioners in the blockchain. The event is organized by both the MCI Group, the world’s largest engagement agency, and Blockchain Research Institute, a global independent blockchain think-tank. The event is scheduled for November 8th to November 9th in Canada.

Agenda at Blockchain Revolution Global 2022

The main theme for this year’s Blockchain Revolution Global is digital transformation and digital assets. Some of the themes that the event will touch on include Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Web3 Platforms and DAOs, energy and planet sustainability, the Metaverse & hybrid spaces, supply chain revolution, NFTs, and other digital assets, digital identity, and healthcare revolution.

Attendees will get to experience important findings from several enterprise blockchain research projects presented by the Blockchain Research Institute. Researchers from the Global Blockchain Research Insitute and enterprise blockchain leaders will present inspiring talking sessions, case studies, and more.

Tickets and Registration for Blockchain Revolution Global 2022

The registration process for Blockchain Revolution Global 2022 takes less than 2 minutes to complete. There are six types of tickets available. Blockchain Revolution Global 2022 will ensure a safe and engaging event for all participants during the pandemic by following Ontario health guidelines.

  • BRG LIVE – BRI MEMBERS (Early bird) – $399
  • BRG LIVE – NON-MEMBERS (Early bird) – $799
  • BRG LIVE – BRI MEMBERS (Regular) – $499
  • BRG LIVE – NON-MEMBERS (Regular) – $999
  • BRG VIRTUAL – (BRI members) – $125
  • BRG VIRTUAL – (Non-members) – $249

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About at Blockchain Revolution Global 2022

Blockchain Revolution Global 2022 is a Web3 and blockchain-focused event that aims to explore digital assets and digital transformation in the enterprise. The event will be spread across eight themes including Energy and planet sustainability, healthcare, Web3 platforms, digital identity, decentralized finance, NFTs and digital assets, smart cities, and the metaverse, and supply chain revolution.

Nov 08 - 09 2022
Blockchain Revolution
Nov 08 - 09 2022
Blockchain Revolution