Mallorca Blockchain Days

Jul 14 - 17 2022

Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca Blockchain Days 2022, Mallorca Blockchain Days,

Mallorca Blockchain Days 2022 – Emphasizing Bitcoin and Liberty

Blockchain is one of the most widely used DLTs. As a novel technology, it is a safe online ledger that records transactions that occur in a certain location. But the scope of blockchain technology goes beyond that. Besides finance, blockchain can also be applied in healthcare, insurance, voting, welfare benefits, gambling, and artist royalties. As technology is starting to impact business and society on many levels, the media spotlight is now on the use-cases.

Introducing Mallorca Blockchain Days 2022

Mallorca Blockchain Days are coming back in the summer of 2022 for this year’s edition. As always the event’s main focus will be on Bitcoin, blockchain and liberty. The event is ideal for active users, developers, media, policymakers, investors and startups with a passion for the blockchain revolution. The conference is set to be unique, multi-disciplinary and a great opportunity for participants to share and learn.

The event, which is scheduled for July 14-17, 2022 at the GPRO Valparaiso Palace &Spa, is expected to gather more than 400 attendees. Attendees will have a chance to experience keynotes from top speakers and presentations, consisting of new ideas in cryptocurrencies, an exciting expo hall, amazing breakout sessions, special events and one big party.

Speakers at Mallorca Blockchain Days 2022

Attendees will be treated to a panel of engaging, inspiring thinkers who passionately share what they’ve learned in the industry. It is a perfect opportunity for newcomers to sharpen their skills and anticipate the future. Some of the speakers at Mallorca Blockchain Days 2022 include the following:

  • Thomas VoegtlinfromElectrum Wallet
  • Amir Taakifrom Anarchist
  • Christian Lueckefrom Mallorca Blockchain
  • VladCostea, an Independent bitcoin writer
  • VitJedlickafrom Liberland
  • Oskar Giese from Unchain
  • Michael Dupree fromEasybit
  • Bastian Fritschefrom Mallorca Blockchain
  • Amin Rafieefrom Bittopia University
  • Crypto Raptor from WCN
  • Nopara73 from Wasabi
  • Manuel Ferrari from Money On Chain
  • Manuel Amador, an Angel investor
  • PavolRusnakfrom SatoshiLabs / Trezor
  • MaksymilianMencel
  • Jed Grant from Stripe

Agenda of Mallorca Blockchain Days 2022

The three-day event is packed with presentations, workshops and conferences on all things blockchain.

  • July 14

The first day is reserved for a welcome drink where attendees will be treated to Mediterranean snacks as they make themselves at home for the event.

  • July 15

Day 2 will exclusively focus on varied topics such as Bitcoin, liberty, cypherpunk ideas and various key aspects of Austrian economics.

  • July 16

Day 3 will feature more of the same, with a host of panels, speakers and conferences.

  • July 17

The final day will consist of a gentle boat excursion gently over the blue water south of Mallorca. The trip also includes a buffet of varied meats, snorkelling equipment, swimming vests and a giant floating mat.

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About Mallorca Blockchain Days 2022

Mallorca Blockchain Days 2022 is a blockchain-focused conference and event that focuses on Bitcoin and liberty. It is ideal for users, developers, media, policymakers, investors, and entrepreneurs who are passionate about blockchain technology.

Jul 14 - 17 2022
Mallorca Blockchain
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Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Jul 14 - 17 2022
Mallorca Blockchain