Metaverse Global Congress

Jun 27 - 28 2022


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The Metaverse is poised to change the world as we know it over the next decade whether everyone likes it or not. This has resulted in multiple technology and communications companies pivoting their businesses to support the future. Several new vendors have popped up to help companies market and monetize new products across new virtual worlds. Several game developers and entertainment companies have also started providing use cases for the Metaverse.

A lot of pertinent questions arise, such as what new opportunities do brands have? Or how soon will the Metaverse be adopted at scale across the world? The Metaverse Global Congress aims to provide all of these answers in this upcoming blockbuster event which is expected to be the most informative Metaverse conference in 2022.

What is the Metaverse Global Congress?

The Metaverse Global Congress is an upcoming Metaverse-focused event that aims to bring strategists marketers and innovators under one roof, to discuss the future of the Metaverse. The event provides the ideal platform for start-ups and organizations to connect with more brands and developers. Discover real-life use cases and forge relationships with future partners. The event is scheduled to be held from June 28th to June 29th, 2022 in the epicenter of innovation – San Jose, California.

The Metaverse Global Congress provides ample opportunity for companies and start-ups to develop and foster relationships with business leads that will help them close deals with brands who are seeking solutions from the Metaverse. Attendees will include some of the most active brands and enterprises in the Metaverse space, as well as new entities looking to start their journey. This can help them gather ideas, strategies, and solutions to make the transition into Web3. The entire event will consist of more than 600 delegates, more than 400 decision makers, and influencers with more than 75 speakers.

This Metaverse conference is organized by Questex, an organization that brings together professionals from numerous industries and connects the ecosystem through live events amongst the digital community.

Speakers at Metaverse Global Congress

Speakers at the Metaverse Global Congress include speakers from varied backgrounds and professions. Some of the speakers for Metaverse Global Congress are included below.

  • Alison Alexander from MetaCampus
  • Caleb Applegate from Enjin
  • Aaron Brossoit from Golden Shovel Agency
  • Emily Eitches from Blueberry Entertainment
  • Dan Holland from Dentsu
  • Elliot Jobe from Infinite Reality
  • Collin Klepfer from Cigna Health Service
  • Bobby Kunta from Nonfungible Events
  • Cix Liv from REK
  • Nova Lorraine from Metagame Hub
  • Prafulla Mathur from Queppelin
  • Nic Mitham Metaversed

And many more.

The main sponsor for the event is with industry partners Fierce electronics, Fierce technology, Fierce Telecom, and Fierce Wireless.

Pricing details for Metaverse Global Congress

To attend the Metaverse Global Congress, attendees will have to buy a conference pass priced at $849, which will give them access to general sessions, keynotes, track sessions, networking receptions & parties, peer-to-peer discussion groups, startup competition/innovation showcase, lunch, exhibits and much more.

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About Metaverse Global Congress

The Metaverse Global Congress is one of the most anticipated Metaverse conferences in the USA, aiming to bring together innovators, strategists, and marketers hoping to take the Metaverse to the masses.

Jun 27 - 28 2022
Metaverse Global Congress
Jun 27 - 28 2022
Metaverse Global Congress