NFT Expoverse 2022

Jul 29 - 31 2022


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Los Angeles, the home of some of the most celebrities in the world has crafted itself as a city for culture and business. It has become a natural gathering place for artists and visionaries, hoping to take advantage of its location, beauty, and widely diverse range of activities to partake in. NFTs or non-fungible tokens have soared in popularity in recent years. Major companies in Los Angeles and all over the world are trying to find new, innovative uses for these trendy digital collectibles. Some of the NFT industry’s explosive market growth is being driven by LA-based businesses. Many of those companies have started forming strategic connections with brands, entertainment companies, and artists to bring Hollywood stars and big franchises into this new virtual world.

While NFTs have been seen mostly as collectibles, there are other potential uses for them, such as distribution of content as well as ticketing applications. The media spotlight is also shifting towards NFTs, as several NFT events in 2022 are scheduled. The NFT Expoverse 2022 – Los Angeles is one such example.

Introducing NFT Expoverse 2022 – Los Angeles

The NFT Expoverse Los Angeles is an event themed around the mass adoption of blockchain, intended to bring collectors, artists, developers, industry professionals, gamers and game designers, sports fans, and all NFT enthusiasts under one roof. Attendees will get to experience the latest developments and innovative ideas in the NFT and blockchain landscape.

This year’s NFT Expo is scheduled to be held on July 29-31, 2022 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Attendees will be treated to two jam-packed days of thought leadership and networking opportunities. They can join a network of entrepreneurs, tech experts, and visionary artists and learn about the widespread impact of Web 3.0, blockchain, and Non-fungible tokens.

The NFT Expo 2022 provides a broader reach for new projects to showcase their features in such a wide-reaching mass adoption event. It is organized by NFT Expoverse, an event hosting company that has the necessary tools, resources, and experience needed to make any event of this nature a success.

Speakers and Partners

The NFT conference will feature speakers from varied backgrounds and major companies. Some of the speakers for NFT Expoverse 2022 are mentioned below.

  • Chase Coleman from Hello Enhance (keynote speaker)
  • Jasmine Cooper from Ripple
  • Kosala Hemachandra from MyEtherWallet
  • Nicole Alexander from Meta
  • Giovanna Graziosi Casimiro from Decentraland
  • Vijay Krishnan from Consensys.
  • Tejas Chopra from Netflix, Inc.
  • Nolan Bushnell from
  • Alex Rodriguez from ARI NFT Marketplace
  • Ian McMilan from Mojito
  • Jamal Raees from Wyre

Media partners for the event include CryptoCurrencyWire, ZEX PR Wire, ICOHolder, Rush 49, Cryptonews, NFT Evening, Coinspeaker, SlicedBrand, and others.

About NFT Expoverse 2022 – Los Angeles

The NFT Expoverse 2022 – Los Angeles is a blockchain and NFT-focused event which aims at bringing together a community of entrepreneurs, creators, enthusiasts, & newcomers in one place. Attendees are given a chance to meet, interact and take inspiration from a multitude of entrepreneurs, creators, & industry leaders and ask questions.

Jul 29 - 31 2022
NFT Expoverse
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Jul 29 - 31 2022
NFT Expoverse