Exchanges supporting segwit2x fork and what to expect for B2X coins

segwit2x listing on exchanges

Exchanges supporting segwit2x fork and what to expect for B2X coins

So finally Bitcoin Segwit 2x is here. The fork that was planned in mid Nov. was cancelled amidst the rejections from various international communities. Back then the fork was scheduled for bitcoin block 494,784 which was to be mined on a date around November 16, 2017. Back then Segwit 2x was seen as an attack by big corporates and miners to seize control over Bitcoin. But, all that is past and it is confirmed that Bitcoin segwit 2x will take place on December 28th, 2017 at a block of 501451.

The updated roadmap of project entails December 28th as the set date for the fork, and in his recent announcement, Terlouw confirmed these developments:

“Our team will carry out the Bitcoin hard fork, which was planned for mid-November,”

The recent boom in number of bitcoin forks

This year has been a year of forks for bitcoin and we’ve seen four successful forks till now namely Bitcoin Cash in August, Bitcoin Gold in November, and Bitcoin Diamond and Super Bitcoin in December.  All of these currencies offer their own improvements to the debated problems in existing Bitcoin. Most of these solutions are around scalability, privacy and mining centralization.  

And not to mention this list does not include the rumored unvetted upcoming forks to Bitcoin. Some of these include Bitcoin God (Jesus himself is here!), Bitcoin Silver, Bitcoin Uranium, Bitcoin Cash Plus and Lightning Bitcoin.

One of the talked recent forks on Christmas day is a Blockchain Angel Investor which debuted his own ‘version’ of Bitcoin, Bitcoin God (GOD), and other forks are due to join the league of forked Bitcoin coins.

The list of exchanges supporting Segwit 2x

The part 2 of SegWit2x has not enjoyed much publicity yet and major exchanges lack any public statement around it. But the website of B2X has displayed names of some exchanges convincing of them are HitBTC and Yobit.

The number of exchanges supporting Segwit 2x is still not clear as most of the major exchanges like Bitmex are still to provide any updated official statement. At the time of writing this the website of segwit 2x at supports 8 exchanges and wallets, these are:


Speaking about existing SegWit2x futures, Terlouw is quoted on the site as saying:

“At the same time, trading of its [SegWit2x] futures has been carried out on some exchanges for a long time. HitBTC is among them.”


Coinmarket cap already lists Segwit 2x futures and HitBTC and Yobit are the supporting exchanges. It may be good choice to move some of your bitcoins to these exchanges if you’re tryong earn your B2X coins!

But we dig deep and found official statement for bitfinex published just before teh last scheduled last date for Segwit 2x in mid November. The statement clearly states to provide two versions of BTC and confirms to make Segwit 2x available as B2X on the exchange.

What can be expect for Segwit 2x (B2X)

In the past few weeks ‘Bitcoin cash’ one of the first bitcoin forks emerged in August has been enjoying a remarkable growth and is the central talking point for the whole crypto industry. The traction around bitcoin cash price rise has led to shift in mining and investors behavior which has affected Bitcoin’s price.

At the time when first hints of segwit 2x comeback on December 19 were signalled the futures prices of B2X coins recorded a rise from below $200 to $600. The price since then has shown a study rise and the current price of Segwit 2x future sits at $960.

Bitcoin future is bright

We all praise efforts of bitcoin community to make bitcoin better each day. Though there are some gold diggers trying to fill their pockets and certain projects that are not viable and should not be encouraged at all.

At last here are few sites that you can visit to know more about fork

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