Facebook Begins Hiring For Blockchain Positions, Continues Its Secret Date With Cryptocurrencies

David Marcus
David Marcus

Facebook Begins Hiring For Blockchain Positions, Continues Its Secret Date With Cryptocurrencies

Facebook has had a very interesting relationship with blockchain and cryptocurrencies. While the social media tech giant has been stringent with its advertising policies against cryptocurrencies and ICO’s, it seems to have been slowly building its blockchain and cryptocurrency war chest. According to the recent job openings put up on Facebook Careers website, the tech giant has put opened five blockchain positions.

Is Facebook close launching some kind of cryptocurrency product

What is Facebook up to with blockchains and cryptos? This is an answer every cryptocurrency enthusiast as well as wall street investor is looking for. While officially the social media giant has been silent over it, its hiring updates seem to suggest that Facebook may be launching its own products on blockchain cryptocurrencies soon.

Following is the screenshot of the Facebook careers page that shows the following openings.

  • Data scientist
  • Data engineer
  • Software engineer (x2)
  • Product Marketing Lead
Source: Facebook

While other jobs are still for developers and data guys, what caught the attention many is the opening for “Production Marketing Lead” In tech hiring market professionals are hired by a company when a product is about to launch. So does that infer Facebook already has a crypto/blockchain product ready?

Also in the job description for Marketing profile, Facebook mentions “we are seeking an experienced leader to build and manage a new product marketing team focused on exploring the opportunity the blockchain will bring.”

With respect to minimum qualification, it reads that “experience with payments or the blockchain” which kind of gives us a hint that it’s probably going to do something with payments.

This is not the first time Facebook has been hiring people for blockchain and cryptocurrencies. A few months back there was a news that David Marcus had stepped down from the board of Coinbase to work and concentrate on Facebook’s secret blockchain project. Marcus joined Coinbase’s board in December 2017 and just 7 months in, his stepping down came as a shocker to many. His decision to resign “was made to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest,”

“Because of the new group I’m setting up at Facebook around blockchain, I’ve decided it was appropriate for me to resign from the Coinbase board,” Marcus said in a statement provided to Business Insider by a Facebook representative.

As Marcus’s stepping down was in August 2018, there is every possibility that Facebook’s product is ready to launch.

Will we see an official announcement from Facebook soon? Well its again wait and watch

What are your views on Facebooks Blockchain endeavors? Do let us know your views on the same

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