Forget about Facebook & Co – Game Changer is building the new age of social media

By Stan Peterson
Published June 24, 2021 Updated June 24, 2021
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Forget about Facebook & Co – Game Changer is building the new age of social media

By Stan Peterson
Published June 24, 2021 Updated June 24, 2021

Social media networks have become an integral part of our daily lives. Today, more than half of the planet’s population are on social media regardless of whether they have access to the Internet. Considering that barely 60% of all people are online, it means that 9 out of 10 people have a social media account. 90% of them use it on a daily basis.

Despite their popularity, traditional social media networks also have their problems. Lack of transparency and the considerable power of the middle-man in advertising are among the biggest concerns. However, there are also other issues that go way beyond that, such as leaks of personal information leading to jeopardized safety of the users. What is more, some of the leading social media networks were accused of gathering personal data and selling it to third party companies to be used in product research and targeted advertising without their consent.

Blockchain proposes an alternative

What is a blockchain-based social media network though? How is it different from normal social networks?

On the outside, they look actually the same. However, what you cannot see behind the scenes is where the big differences lie. Blockchain is governing the way how the data on the social network is handled. Instead of the traditional centralized model where the party managing the social media network is in full control, blockchain decentralizes the exchange of data, making it not only transparent, but also distributing the one-sided power among all participants in the ecosystem. A software with open conditions governs the interactions within the social media, not an entity whose actions are not open.

A blockchain-governed social media creates a whole new world for advertisers. The role of the middle-man no longer applies – advertisers can directly interact with their audience, save on fees and overall get a much higher value out of their efforts. While in traditional social media the algorithms of the intermediary decide who sees the ad, the interests are not always aligned – especially in a pay-per-impression model where the middle-man will attempt to flood everyone’s newsfeed with ads. Who hasn’t encountered the issue of irrelevant or repetitive ads on Facebook that keep popping up until you remove them?

Influencers are playing a vital role in the marketing of virtually any new product except for some specific B2B niches. Social media networks have become their medium and main way to engage with their audience. A blockchain social network could enable seamless transactions from one party to another, allowing influencers to directly engage with their customers on the spot without the need of using third-party services or banks. This greatly enhances their experience and adds an additional layer of security and transparency regarding paid promotions for the end users.

Game Changer and their vision for social media and mobile

Game Changer combines a blockchain-based social media network and a mobile app store, both of which are powered by a proprietary developed cryptocurrency. The GC token is used to facilitate all transactions within the Game Changer ecosystem and can be used for cross in-app purchases, a revolutionary concept for the mobile app market bringing a multitude of advantages for both users and developers.

A common currency used across all apps in one app store means that users will be more motivated to deposit funds and use them, as they will no longer be tied to the app they purchased virtual currencies in. This is especially important for mobile games where there is a wide array of microtransactions for cosmetics and other gameplay enhancing features.

Within their social media network, the GC token can be used for the facilitation of NFTs (Non-fungible tokens), a concept that has gained a lot of attention lately. NFTs allow for the tokenization of various digital assets, thus assigning a monetary value to them and making them transferable from one entity to another. This concept is applicable in different industries – from art to gaming and many others. The Game Changer ecosystem essentially enables a setting similar to a marketplace where users can create and trade their own NFTs among each other. Last but not least, it also gives influencers another potential source of income.

Launching soon

The Game Changer project has already started with the development of their app store. The first app – an adventure RPG game – has already been fully developed and is ready for launch once the ecosystem goes live towards the end of 2021.

To learn more about Game Changer, their blockchain solution for the mobile market and social media networks, visit


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