FORSAGE To Launch Its xGOLD Program In ETH

Guest Author Press Release published December 30, 2020 | modified December 30, 2020

FORSAGE To Launch Its xGOLD Program In ETH

FORSAGE — one of the most debated MLM projects of 2020, is preparing to launch its xGOLD marketing program in Ethereum. As a reminder, in just two months of the program’s existence on the TRON blockchain, the FORSAGE community has increased by 55%. Over 100 thousand new users. xGOLD participants have earned $16M! Members of the FORSAGE Community at large have earned nearly $500,000,000 in 6 months of the project’s existence on the Ethereum blockchain alone. These figures can be easily proven by statistics from the Etherscan service.

Crypto enthusiasts who studied the FORSAGE phenomenon, have analyzed the project’s smart contract statistics on Ethereum. They’ve found that the FORSAGE Community members have earned more than half a billion dollars since spring 2020 on the ETH blockchain version, apart from their income on the TRON blockchain.

The FORSAGE ETH smart contract is in the public domain, therefore finding it on Etherscan is no big deal. To check the contract itself, and all the transactions going through it, go to

So far, the number of transactions is already close to 3.5 million, and 700 to 800 transactions, each of different amounts, are being added every 24 hours. They include small transactions from 0.05 to 0.8 ETH, medium-size transactions from 1.6 to 6.4 ETH, and large transactions of over 50 ETH. It is worth noting that the money is not stored on the FORSAGE smart contract. Instead, each payment goes directly to the partner. That is, any amount sent to the smart contract becomes a Community member’s income.

In FORSAGE, all funds are managed by an automated smart contract, and all transactions can be tracked. At the moment we are talking about a version of the platform on the Ethereum blockchain, but there is also a version of the platform on TRON, where a unique marketing program, xGOLD, was launched in October 2020. xGOLD has surpassed the previous performance records in FORSAGE. Today everyone is getting ready for new records on ETH!

Now the authors of the idea are preparing to launch xGOLD on the Ethereum blockchain, which will further increase the popularity of the FORSAGE platform on ETH, and subsequently — its users’ earnings.

Previously, you could access xGOLD only on the TRON blockchain, but that is about to change. Due to technical difficulties it used to be impossible to implement xGOLD on ETH before, but eventually the developers managed to do it. The essence of marketing will stay the same – fully identical to what we are used to. However, the income will be significantly higher since the Ethereum community is larger.

The reason why it wasn’t possible to launch xGOLD on ETH was the way smart contracts work on the ETH network. All blockchain transactions are recorded in a distributed ledger, and must be stored in millions of copies forever. To make it possible, the programming language has been optimized and simplified as much as possible by the Ethereum developers. These technical limitations made it impossible to implement xGOLD on ETH. Because of the queries consisting of large datasets, transactions would be heavy and expensive (more expensive than the regular transactions between wallets). It was the experience that the developers gained during the implementation of the program on TRON that helped to optimize the requests as much as possible. It allowed them to launch the program in its full functionality, eliminating the issue of unreasonably high transaction fees for the Community members.

  • Three FORSAGE marketing programs are perfectly balanced. x3 yields the fastest results for the most active of partners, x4 can be called a mid-term strategy as it allows getting 100% profit from the second line in some cases. xGOLD is one of the most attractive ones to the majority of newbies — it offers most additional features, everyone can feel part of a large team, where people are growing together. This way all programs tie in with each other. This is a very important point. If FORSAGE marketing was only rewarding the most active partners, newbies would be hesitant to join in, – say the program’s authors in their official video that can be found at the link:, where they explain how important it was for them to launch xGOLD on ETH.

xGOLD in a nutshell. Compared to other marketing programs, xGOLD offers an increased number of spillovers and improved team interaction routes. Each affiliate gets their own smart contract when they sign up.

The increase in the cost of slots in xGOLD is super simple: every slot costs twice as much as the previous one. The increase goes strictly according to the Fibonacci numerical sequence, i.e. the Golden Ratio.

There is no surprise that there was a demand for this kind of marketing plan running on the Ethereum blockchain, which is more widespread today. The network is transparent, as decentralized as possible, and most importantly, the developers have found the perfect way to optimize transactions within the platform. After the launch of the program on Ethereum, each user will receive their own smart contract, ensuring that xGOLD is working for them 100% correctly.

This is an amazing prospect in the light of the launch of the ETH 2.0 network, and a risk-free scenario due to the technical features of the blockchain. We look forward to a really tangible growth of profitability for all FORSAGE participants because of an active inflow of new users

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