Getting Paid In Bitcoin Becomes The New Normal

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June 20, 2019 Updated April 12, 2022
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There are a number of reasons why getting paid in Bitcoin seems like a good idea, and the 47% rise between May 5 and May 31 is just part of it. While the commodity is known for its volatility, it’s managed to outlive speculation and has survived naysayers for over a decade. While there are the skeptics who will happily stick to their mutual funds and government bonds only, there are a few brave investors who have decided to take on Bitcoin as their main investment tool. Bitcoin has proven to be extremely lucrative for some investors and converting their cash to more Bitcoin seems to be a top priority.

Corporates Aligning Payment Structures

Getting paid in Bitcoin is no longer unusual and for those in the market, Bitcoin job boards offer workers the opportunity to earn their wage purely in crypto. There are also side hustles that allow those new to Bitcoin to answer emails and perform simple administration tasks in order to earn Bitcoin. For corporates who wish to incorporate Bitcoin as a form of payment for their staff, payroll and HR solutions such as Bitwage bridge the gap.

A Full Financial Solution

Bitcoin now becoming an accepted means of payment across various industries and a vast number of products and services. For investors, this includes long-term interest-bearing accounts, and even the odd savings account that enjoys interest between 4% and 7% on platforms such as BlockFi, Nexo, and Celsius. Another important investment consideration that no longer requires employees to receive their salary or wage in cash, is property. Bitcoin real estate agents allow purchasers to use Bitcoin as a means of payment. Landlords are also becoming more open to receiving their monthly rentals in Bitcoins and specialized contracts are drawn up to ensure that both parties enjoy the full benefits of their crypto relationship.

Bitcoin Cards Open Up The Door To Retail

Thanks to apps such as CoinMap, consumers can find retailers in their area who accept crypto as a means of payment. What makes everyday purchasing a little easier for those who rely on crypto as income, is the use of the Bitcoin cash card. These are safe and easy to use, and provide users with a long list of benefits and protection. There are a number of vendors that provide these cards and it’s up to the users to ensure that they go with a vendor that’s approved and vetted. Wirex is a crypto card that works on the VISA platform, allowing crypto users to pay for their goods the same way they would by using a credit card. Services such as Bitrefill allow consumers a little more purchasing freedom by acting as a third party who would accept Bitcoin as payment and then either provide the service or issue vouchers for the services.

Thanks to a number of financial instruments now available to crypto users, receiving an income in the form of crypto is no longer a red-tape nightmare. Consumers can do everything from everyday money management to savings and investments.

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